The Sea Island Heritage Society is a volunteer society officially founded in 2001 in Richmond, British Columbia.

The Society started in about 1995, and became more formalized by 2002. The Society started and continues to collect anything and everything to preserve the heritage of Sea Island, which was a very unique place to grow up in.

Our website was created to provide you with the history of Sea Island, its pioneers, and its present citizens. The website is continuously updated as we learn more about all people who lived on Sea Island.

Upcoming Events

Since January 2022, our coffee chats have been held via Zoom and will continue for the time being. Click the Coffee Chats link for further information.

Our third Sea Island reunion will be held on May 25, 2024 in Richmond. Click the Sea Island Reunion link for further information.

About Sea Island >>

The Coast Salish people were the first to come to Sea Island to fish, hunt and collect berries, establishing summer camps and year-long homes on the northwest corner of the island. The year-long homes were moved to different locations along the coast as needed. There is also some evidence of middens on Sea Island suggesting a village or permanent homes existed in one place for more than a year.

Sea Island is also a place rich in the history of flying, but the many improvements to what is now Vancouver International Airport were not without controversy.

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First Families >>

The Sea Island Heritage Society has traced the lineage and history of a number of the Sea Island pioneer families on Ancestry. The names of each pioneer family can be found on our Pioneers' page. As we continue our research, we will feature different families on our website.

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