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The Sea Island Heritage Society is compiling the history of all the people who lived on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia between 1870 to date. If your ancestors settled or worked on Sea Island, the Society would appreciate hearing from you. From our research (family interviews, public records), we have compiled family trees of many of the early pioneers. If you have any family stories or photographs that you would like to share, please contact the Society.

Sea Island Settlers


The Sea Island Heritage Society has created a number of Sea Island Pioneer trees on Ancestry. If you want information about any of the following family trees, please contact the Vice-President, Barb Nielsen at Barb continues to create and update the trees on Ancestry.

Adachi Eastman Hill McCleery
Anthony Eburne Hoggard Miller
Asari Elston Keatley Murphy
Baba Errington Ketcheson Nicholl
Bicknell Erskin Kilgour Paxton
Blair Ferguson Koyanagi Scratchley
Boyd Ferris Laing Shannon
Brough Fish MacArthur Sherwood
Buckingham/Meneice Fraser Magee Sirr
Butler Frontin Maikawa Stewart
Carscallen Goodmurphy Matsumoto Tait
Cooney Gordon May Thomas (Welsh)
Cornish Grauer McDonald (Irish) White
Cranswick Hall McDonald (Scottish) Williams
Day-Smith Hamalock McGinness Williamson
De Beck Hardwick McMillan Wood
Dinsmore Hayward McRae
Draney Higo McRoberts


Richmond, British Columbia was incorporated as a municipality on November 10, 1879, and designated as a city on December 3, 1990. Richmond's islands were built up and shaped by the mighty Fraser River.(1)

The need to build dykes was a significant factor in causing the early settlers to petition the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council to grant status as a municipality to Richmond in 1879. Local government was a necessity if dykes, roads, bridges and other services were to be developed and maintained.(2)

Letters Patent issued by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council incorporated Lulu Island and Sea Island and its inhabitants. Of the few settlers on the islands, only thirty were entitled to petition (being male land-owners over 21 years of age) and of those, the following 25 signed the petition:

Richmond Patentees
Beckman, W.M. Kidd, Thomas Sexsmith, J.W. and his son Charles G.
Boyd, Hugh Kilgour, Alexander Sharpe, E.A. (Edward Albert)
Brighouse, Samuel Knox, James Smith, J.G. (James Gowan)
Cochrane, John Lee, Walter Steves, Manoah
Daniels, Dan and A.H. (two brothers from England) McDonald, Hector Sweet, O.D. (Orison Davis was the brother-in-law of J.W. Sexsmith)
Errington, J.T. Miller, James Woodward, Nathan and Dan (Nathan and his son Dan were living on Lulu Island in 1901).(3)
Ferguson, John Robson, D.J.
Green, John Scratchley, W.J.

Sea Island and Dinsmore Island

Gerry Bicknell, a resident of the Cora Brown subdivision donated the sketched map of Sea Island below. Number eleven shows Dinsmore Island, a small island in the Middle Arm of the Fraser River. This island led to a poem by John Dinsmore's oldest daughter, Maud McCubbin. The poem, provided by Joni Burdett of Whitehouse, Texas, the great-grandaughter of John Dinsmore, is titled "My Garden Island Home" and available at the Sea Island Heritage Society.

sketched map of Sea Island

Map courtesy of Gerry Bicknell

  1. Eburne Sawmill
  2. Marine Gas Station
  3. Marpole Bridge
  4. Eburne Post Office
  5. Grauer Store
  6. Clausen (sp?) Blacksmith
  7. Eburne Bridge
  8. Community Hall
  9. Burkeville
  10. Sea Island School
  11. Dinsmore Island
  12. Site of first airport
  13. Boeing Site
  14. Seaplane Base
  15. Terra Nova Cannery
  16. Cannery Site

  1. Indian Midden
  2. Japanese Boatworks (Baba)
  3. Wharf 100'x70'
  4. Japanese Boatworks
  5. Acme Cannery, 21(a) Thomas Goulding's Cork Mill
  6. Japanese Boatworks
  7. Vancouver Cannery, Donald Farm
  8. Vancouver Cannery Store
  9. Marine Gas Dock
  10. Japanese lived in this area
  11. Cannery Wharf
  12. Cline Hoggard farm (both sides)
  13. Karl Hoggard farm
  14. Poplar Tree Stand
  15. Mr. & Mrs. Miller

  1. Clarence Hoggard farm
  2. Mike Murphy farm (best one to work for)
  3. Radar Tower WWII
  4. McDonald farm
  5. Musqueam Indian Reservation
  6. Tapp Road Subdivision
  7. Ralph McDonald Farm
  8. Duncan McDonald Farm
  9. McDonald Beach
  10. Cora Brown Subdivision
  11. Dick Laing Farm
  12. Grauer Farm
  13. Army Barracks WWII
  14. Dummy Anti-aircraft Gun (wood pole for barrel)


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(3)  The Henderson's British Columbia Gazetteer and Directory and Mining Companies, Williams British Columbia Director for 1900-1901, Henderson Publishing Company. Retrieved from Henderson's British Columbia Gazetteer and Directory on November 23, 2017.

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