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Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS)


Missing Persons or information sought – updates and additions June 2007






1)      Please see the details at the following website on the 2007 Annual Burkeville Daze.  We’ll have our photo collection and other memorabilia on display June 24 from 3-6pm at the Sea Island Park. http://www.richmond.ca/__shared/assets/Events_and_Exhibits16397.pdf


2)      The Sea Island Heritage Society would like to make contact with former forestry students or their descendants that briefly made their homes on Sea Island following their hasty immigration to Canada from Hungary following the Soviet occupancy there.  We believe that a George Klima (poss. Born late 40’s) moved to Sea Island from Powell River and may be linked to the students who eventually graduated from UBC as B.C. Professional Foresters.  There may be other students from this group that stayed in the former wartime Army and/or RCAF Barracks in 1957.  The Sea Island Heritage society would wishes to intereview anyone with knowledge about this groups stay on Sea Island to document what the conditions of the buildings were then and to record personal observations and thoughts of
Sopron students and/or their families about Sea Island at that time.
We would also be interested in obtaining copies of any photographs that
may have been taken at the time. Information about the this unique group and the 50th Anniversary for the Sopron Arrivals can be found at http://forewstry.ubc.ca/sopron


3)      Cora Brown and Tapp Road subdivisions on Sea Island (Richmond, B.C.) consisted of about 50 one-half acre lots.  The residents were expropriated for expansion of the Vancouver International Airport in the 1970’s.  Now these former Sea Islanders have their cases well documented in a special collection of memorabilia recently donated to the Sea Island Heritage Society by Harry and Barbara Kohne.  The material also includes the Grahame White collection of ‘expropriation memorabilia’.  The SIHS plan is to sift through this wealth of material to index and catalogue it so that events can be documented and be referred to or retrieved quickly.  If anyone is willing to assist with the indexing project, please contact Eunice Robinson at: 604-596-2811, eunice@dccnet.com   Thank you Harry and Barbara for your contribution to the history of Sea Island.


4)      The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) held its Annual General meeting at the Sea Island Community Hall on February 18, 2007, following two days of attendance at the annual Richmond Heritage Week displays.  The following are the new Board of Directors for 2007:

Sharon Bordeleau, Treasurer, 604-278-4359 sbordel@smartt.com

Colleen Brooks, Director, colbrooks@shaw.ca

Doug Eastman, President, 250-756-1762, dougeastman@shaw.ca

Don Phillips, Vice President, 604-589-3611 donphillips2@shaw.ca

Eunice Robinson, Secretary, 604-596-2811 eunice@dccnet.com

Grant Thompson, 604-241-7977 tugger@telus.net  

Our Annual Report to Revenue Canada can be found by following the links at URL: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tax/charities/menu-e.html

Thank you all for attending and for dropping into our display on the Feb 16-17 “Richmond Heritage” weekend.  The SIHS is again grateful to the Sea Island Community Association and the City of Richmond for their continued support.


5)      HURRY – just a few days left.  Details of the Eighth Cora Brown Reunion have been posted to the SIHS website.  Please hurry and book your place as this popular event will sell out quickly.  Call or email Eunice Robinson for more details at 604-596-2811 email: eunice@dccnet.com


6)      ANNOUNCING THE 2008 CALENDAR PHOTO CONTEST.  Submission rules are posted on the SIHS homepage.  Following the success of the recipe-oriented calendar for 2007, The Sea Island Heritage Society is anxious to commence the production of a calendar for 2008.  We would like to include photographs (new and old) for the following Sea Island related topics:

a.       Seasonal Themes – Winter snow and ice, Summer fun n sun, Spring gardens, etc.

b.      RCAF and Vancouver Airport

-  the Sheet Metal Workers Union, Local 280 Rocket Statue

c.       Sea Island School
Sea Island Church

d.      Towboat/Marine Industry

e.       Houses and buildings – do you have photos of the Sea Island home you lived in or perhaps a building you worked in on Sea Island? – Rural areas, Cora Brown/Tapp road subdivisions, Burkeville and Eburne Communities

f.        Famous or well known people associated with Sea Island
- Sports teams – leagues and scrub/pick up games.

g.       Community Events
- Parades

- Organizations such as Girl Guides, Brownies & Scouts
- VLA soldiers – incl family portraits of our men and women in uniform
- Early pioneers – picnics, etc.

h.       Businesses, including Grauer’s, Joe’s and Butler's stores, The Richmond-Marpole Review newspaper office, the canneries on Sea Island, Swishwash or Dinsmore Islands, Arnold’s BA gas station, Red & White store.  Please provide what you can.  Photographs should be scanned at between 300 and 600 dpi if possible and in jpeg or tiff format.  Dates and details appreciated.  Credit will be given to lender/donor.  Thx.


7)      If you’re wondering why we continue to brow beat people into submitting their family stories for the Sea Island history project, and you’ve put it off; just remember that it will never be too late to catch the memories.  Memories of the Island are important to document.  No matter how short a time span or how long people lived or worked there, we want to capture the essence of the whole Island.  And their stories can be short or long - naturally we prefer to document the long versions.  This is why the photographs are so important as well.  In most cases, someone catches a moment in your life, and you may never see it - such as kid’s birthday parties, sports teams, and neighbourhood gatherings, photos in and around the neighbourhood.  Even up to date photographs and memory sharing is important as they will be history as soon as words are spoken, thoughts collected or photographs taken.  Please share your Sea Island with the world.  By giving us your scans, photos and memorabilia, we trust that people are also granting the Sea Island Heritage Society permission to print these photos - if not in the planned history book, in our yearly calendars.


8)      Re: Photographs.  When submitting digital photographs to the Sea Island Heritage Society, please ensure that the file size is adequate for reproduction.  A minimum of 300 dpi 4” x 6” in size would be appreciated.  The larger the better for reproduction.  The very best scan of any image for archival purposes apparently is a large size TIF file.  If you don’t have the capability of creating a TIF image file, we can always scan your original material and return same to you.  Of course Jpegs images are acceptable and the larger the file the better.  We will resize them if we post them on our website.  Both digital (scanned) photographs and conventional photographs are appreciated.  If you want any of your loaned hard copy material back, please ensure that your name and address is clearly printed in soft pencil on the backside.  Thank you.  I sometimes resize scanned photos down to 1024 wide.  Anywhere from 900 to 1280 wide will fit on a typical screen with no trouble - and is small enough for dial-up users to download easily.  For more info. on digital pics and files please see URL http://www.scantips.com/basics9jc.html        


9)      The Sea Island Heritage Society is looking for an ambitious team of keen individuals to organize a Sea Island “Homecoming” or a reunion for anyone or their descendants who lived on Sea Island, (Richmond, B.C.) 


10)  SIHS is trying to determine if John Edward Hedd or Nedd, 27 yr old milk tester, of Richmond, B.C. in 1922-23 was from Lulu Island or Sea Island.  There is no Hedd or Nedd in the 1929 “Wrigley’s BC Directory for “Eburne”.  Hedd or Nedd are not listed in the 1942/43 and 1956 telephone directories for Richmond.  There is no Hedd or Nedd in the BC Archives online vital stats. Who can help solve this question?


11)  Bob Russell of Richmond, B.C. stopped into our 2-day display at the Richmond Centre on February 16, 2007 and kindly donated 2 of his Richmond Junior-Senior High School Annuals plus a large photo of his 1959 graduation class and a couple of his other school class photos.  (Thanks Bob)  One of his class photos is of his Cambie Jr High class #17, taken April 1954.  We’d like to be able to identify all 38 students in this all-male photo.  If you happen to have a Cambie Jr High School annual for 1953/54, perhaps you can help by contacting SIHS and providing the student class names.  Then we can post this on our school class webpage and viewers can help put the names to the pictures.  Thanks.  Bob also sent along a c1953-56 photos of the Sea Island Little League “Tigers” baseball team, coached by Mr. George McGregor; and a newspaper clipping from 1947 of him in his school classroom.  Nice to add to our growing collection, thanks again Bob.


12)  The SIHS would like to thank the HILL-MITCHELL family (per S. Howe of Port Moody, B.C.) for submitting a wonderful copy of their Family History Book.  It’s over 231 pages of memories, family history, stories and photos.  Well done.  Watch for a copy of their huge 2006 Family Reunion photo to appear in our 2008 Calendar. 


13)  Stan Goddard, former RCAF Sea Island (now in Calgary, AB) and his wife submitted recipes for the inclusion in our 2007 Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) Calendar and took out a new membership to SIHS.  Stan said in a March 13, 2007 email, ……“As I mentioned we were pleased with the calendar with our photo and 'cake'. Adeline was curious if anyone had actually made it. It's a bit of a pain to make but everyone around here loves it. Always keep one in the deep freeze in case of company. Anyone has trouble they can contact us”.  So, please feel free to pass along your comments to Stan and Adeline at: STANGO@SHAW.CA.  Thanks for that tip Stan and thanks for your continuing support by taking out a membership.


14)  Thanks to Mr. Jerry E. Vernon, Pres., Vancouver Chapter of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS) for his recent contribution of older CAHS Journals and for continually providing SIHS with details and tidbits about aviation related events, photographs and stories.  Thanks Jerry, always appreciated.


15)  The SIHS would like to know where on Sea Island that Stewart Thomas' farm was located in the early 1900s.  He eventually became a Councilor with the Municipality of Richmond, B.C.  His son Edward Thomas was a bridge tender on the old Eburne Bridge about 1910 when Edward married his second wife Myra


16)  Can anyone please tell SIHS when Canada Post changed the addresses on Sea Island? We know that numbers were changed in 1979 to four digits.  When did the other renumberings take place?  The H.D. Lewis family is shown at one Miller Road address in May 1943 and in the same home at another address in May 1947, therefore the change took place between 1943 and 1947 – probably as a result of the Air Force Base expansion at the time along Miller Road.  i.e. May 1943 LEWIS were at 201 Miller Road.  H.D. Lewis – r 603 Miller Road, (1974 Richmond Directory).

17)  Carmen Brocks and a Deborah Hardie were listed on the Sea Island School Register in Division 4, Grade 4 in Miss D. Bergstrom’s grade4-5 split class in 1964-65.  They were both transferred out in September 1964.  Carmen Brocks went to Edmonton.  Where did Deborah Hardie go?  Can anyone please tell SIHS where on Sea Island they may have resided and perhaps put us in touch with either of these families.  Thank you.


18)  Does anyone happen to know the exact school dates that the Sea Island Elementary School was closed between about 1975 and 1994?


19)  The roads in Burkeville were gravel until at least 1946 according to then residents.  Can someone tell SIHS more about the conditions of the other roads on Sea Island – gravel and when paved, etc. (Cora Brown and the rural area roads).  I'm The backyard allies or lanes in Burkeville have remained gravel to this date, although are “oiled” in the summer to reduce dust.


20)  The City of Richmond, Richmond Museum and Heritage Services has recently produced a self-guided historical tour brochure for Sea Island.  It and other similar brochures can be purchased at the Richmond Cultural Centre for $5 each plus GST.  For the Cultural Centre and Richmond Museum address and hours, please see http://www.richmond.ca/culture/sites/museum/about.htm  


21)  The Sea Island Heritage Society would like to collect photographs to document the historic one-day visit of the new Airbus A380 on November 29, 2006 to the Vancouver International Airport on Sea Island.  Please submit scans and/or information of its stay to any of our executive members. 


22)  A reminder!  Limited quantities of the 2007 Sea Island Heritage Society Calendars may still be available.  Thanks to Colleen Brooks for putting it together once again.  She did a remarkable job.  Thanks to Eunice for arranging the printing price reduction by Kinko’s and the distribution.  Thanks to Kinko’s once again!  Please be sure to put an order in for one plus your membership renewal.  Please support our history project.  With the Sea Island recipe ‘theme’, the calendars are going to be most popular this year.  Please send cheque or money order as follows:


Cost of 2007 calendar = $20.00 plus $2.00 per if mailing

2007 SIHS Membership = $5.00

Calendar & Membership = $25.00


All membership fees and/or calendar cheques or money orders should be made out to: Sea Island Heritage Society and mailed to treasurer Sharon Bordeleau:

4191 Ferguson Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada, V7B 1P3.

Sea Island Heritage Society contact info:

Doug Eastman, Pres. dougeastman@shaw.ca (250) 756-1762 (Nanaimo, B.C.)

Don Phillips, V.P. donphillips2@shaw.ca (604) 589-3611

Eunice Robinson, Sec. eunice@dccnet.com (604) 596-2811

Sharon Bordeleau, Tres. sbordel@smartt.com (604) 278-4359

Grant Thompson, Director tugger@telus.net (604) 241-7977

Colleen Brooks, Director and calendar producer  colbrooks@shaw.ca


23)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) would like to contact the grown children of Robert and Elsie Millar, previously of 700 Miller Road, Richmond, B.C.  Robert Miller (sic) was a board member in the 1975/76 Sea Island Community Ratepayers Association.


24)   Can someone please tell the Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) where on Catalina Crescent the Mulligan family lived? Liz Anderson (née Hourie) recalled the Mulligan family on Catalina that had twin daughters and two sons.


25)   Carol Cannon, granddaughter of Robert Ernest Tait kindly donated several images and some family history of the Tait family and one of the numerous farms owned by the Taits in Richmond (both on Lulu Island and on Sea Island) in the1930’s.  Robert John Tait gave the smaller west farm (on Sea Island) to his oldest son, William Tait who eventually sold it to the airport.  Some of you may recall that it was the Tait barn at Terra Nova that was used in the movie film “Christine” The movie was a Stephen King story about an old car that comes to life.  For more info on the film, please see URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085333/   The barn was used by the Richmond Fire Department as fire practices and for fire investigative training when it was demolished.


26)  SIHS is seeking the Miller Road address of the Choquette family who had a son Peter at Sea Island School in the 1950s.


27)  Can anyone tell the SIHS where on Catalina Crescent Garry Moxon (b early to mid 1940’s) lived during the early 1960’s.  His Dad worked for BOAC.  Apparently they moved back to England after only one year.


28)  The Richmond Review, Vol. 31, No. 26 June 28, 1962 has a front page picture of Salmon Queen finalists, including Elaine Elliot of Sea Island.  Does anyone know where on Sea Island that Elaine Elliot’s family lived?


29)  Does anyone have information on, or know of an eatery at the Vancouver Airport operated by a Mr. Pullen.  Mr. Pullen had a lunch room (restaurant/ café?) at the Vancouver Airport according to an article about Sea Island in the Marpole-Richmond Review, Eburne, B.C. Wednesday July 15, 1942 - Vol. 11, No. 17.  Mr. PULLEN’S commodious lunch room is doing a rushing business, pilots, passengers, visitors, workers, all dropping in for their cup of coffee or a full fledged meal  In a year  later articl  (1943) it is stated that Mr. Pullen was no longer at that restaurant, but it continued to operate at the airport.  Who recalls the name of this café?  Thanks to John Dawson for passing two wartime newspaper articles along about how the airport and military establishments were fazing out many of the old Sea Island pioneer farming families.  Thankfully John was able to decipher the poor newspaper copy he had obtained and kindly sent a transcription of the complete article to SIHS.


30)  The SIHS is grateful to retired Richmond High School teacher, Mr. B.R. Reid for writing an excellent article about his personal experiences on Sea Island.  Bernie was first employed as a young Boeing of Canada Ltd’ worker with the Engineering Production and Blueprint Control Section on Sea Island and then with Canadian Pacific Air Lines (CPAL) when they took over the management of Boeing’s overhaul and repair depot on May 1, 1942 and moved it to Queensborough, New Westminster, BC.  CPAL at that time, was newly formed and it repaired all the aircraft for the RCAF’s Western Air Command.   Mr. Reid kindly donated two CPAL jacket crests and a 16 page May 1944 issue of CPAL  monthly Newsletter.


31)  In the late 1930’s there were several small business near Grauer’s Store.  One of them was a blacksmith shop.  The other was Burns Welding Shop.  Can anyone tell the Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) who ran these latter establishments, or anything about them.  Any photographs out there?  Thx.  SIHS thanks City of Richmond Councilor, Harold Steves for his Nov 30, 2006 response to this question: “Billy White was the blacksmith near Grauer's Store in the early horse and buggy days. I met his widow at the Kiwanis Home when I was campaigning for election in 1972. She showed me some wonderful, large photos of Billy in the blacksmith shop repairing wagon wheels, etc”.

The 1947 Richmond Directory has the Eburne Blacksmith at 250 Airport Road and the Richmond Times office at 222 Airport Road. (6)

32)  Dan Esplen dfesplen@shaw.ca of Langley, B.C. posted to the SIHS website September 9, 2006 seeking images or information of the RCAF 442 or 443 (Aux) Squadrons


33)  SIHS is interesting in documenting where on Sea Island the Barradale family lived.  The January 31, 1951 Marpole-Richmond Review reported that Mr. and Mrs. Barradale (sic) who with their two children Kenna and Brett moved to their new home in North Vancouver from Sea Island.


34)  The Sea Island Heritage Society is grateful to John Dawson for filling in some of the history of his grandparents when they lived on Sea Island.  Fred and Maud Hardwick lived on Miller Road in the 1930’s era before being expropriated for airport expansion.  John is tracing the family history of this former Sea Island family, so if anyone can provide additional information on the Hardwick family, or any other pioneer Sea Island farmers please contact SIHS.  We’ll add it to our growing collection and pass it along to John.


35)  SIHS would also like to know more about the Boyd family.  James and Ada Grace Boyd lived at 254 Miller Road (Sea Island, Richmond, B.C.) in 1942-43.  Did they have a son named Henry Boyd who was a Sergeant in the military at the time?


36)  Ernest Chan was an air mechanic with the RCAF 442 Reserve Sqn. from 1950 to 1957 at Sea Island.  Ernest attended the SIHS display during the June 25, 2006 Burkeville Daze and donated some of his photographs.  Since then he has also donated many scans from his extensive photo collection. Thanks Ernest! (see our RCAF website page)  At the display, Ernest saw a copy of the book 442 Squadron History, 1987 by Capts. Grant MacDonald and Terry Strocel loaned to SIHS by former RCAF Sea Islander, R. Pugh and with the help of Sea Island Heritage Society director, Grant Thompson, Ernest was fortunate enough to later track down a copy of this out-of-print history book for his own. The inside cover has the following  (some difficult to transcribe) handwritten autographs:

Michael D _____; Jerry Vernon, Mike Higg, Jim Price; Don Broad; John Erskine; M__Phil (sp?); Stan Watter; Ron Patterson; John Edward,  Phil Duboes (2442, 442, VPD I. DENT); Bill Jessop, F/L; F/O Ray Laglas (sp?) 442 Sqn Navigator; Bernice Dubuis; John Catley; Dave Kandi, Conrad Raehusnel (sp?); Phil ____; Don Cameron; Bill Barker; Ted Owen; Chuck Sexsmith; Ernie Johnson; B Smith, F/L.


37)  The Sea Island Heritage Society is grateful to Mr. Joseph J Cassidy of Vancouver, B.C. for kindly donating his copy of a 1993 Calendar celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Local 280, Sheet Metal Worker’s International Association, their booklet called Artisans, Tinsmiths & Roofers in British Columbia by Cy Stairs and Clive Lytle plus a Nov 1992 letter to members and retirees of local #280.  Both productions have photos of the “Rocket” statue as it sat at the Vancouver International Airport on Sea Island for many years.  Thanks to Grant T for arranging this.


38)  Would Lee Cruickshank please email Doug Eastman of the Sea Island Heritage Society as the last email address you gave us over the phone bounced again.  Thx. dougeastman@shaw.ca


39)  Thanks to Richard Cook and Richmond Archives Archivist, Lynn Waller we have been able to solve most of the mystery of the numbering system of the old roads on Sea Island.  Richard kindly pieced together the remains of several 1930s era maps of the Municipality of Richmond to create a single map with a ‘welcome’ index of roads.  During the 1929 era, Miller Road was one of the main roads there and was known as No. 13 Road.  Other “numbered roads were:

No. 11 Road (now Shannon Road)

No. 12 Road (now McDonald Road)

No. 14 Road (now Grauer Road)

No. 15 Road (now Ferguson Road)

No. 17 Road (now River Road)

Richard kindly produced a new large scale map from old (ca1930) Richmond Municipal road maps with an index specifically for SIHS.  We are most happy to receive the map.  Thanks Richard.

Who can tell SIHS if other lesser Sea Island Roads in the 1930s era like Acme Road, Airport Road, Buckingham Road, Doherty Road and Ross Road, had numbers at one time?


40)  Miss Audrey Nyholt of Saskatchewan was just 21 yrs old when she worked for former Vancouver City Airport Manger, William (Bill) Inglis.  Her name is now Ariana Sheran of Saskatchewan. She said in an April 22, 2006 phone call, “I worked for Mr. Inglis from 1957 to 1960.  He was a great boss.”  She added in a June 5, telephone call that Bill was rather short but his wife, Mary was quite tall.  She doesn’t recall if they had children.  Ariana said their office window overlooked the tarmac and faced north toward the mountains.  She thought it was a two story building and their office suite was on the second floor.  Bill had a separate office and she had her desk outside his door facing away.  Others in her office all had separate desks: A younger Bill Headland, accountant; Earl (red-hair) was the maintenance manager, and rarely at his desk.  Finny was the operations manager when Bill Inglis wasn’t there.  She said Finny was rough but kind.  There was also a draughtsman but she can’t recall his name.  She recalls going to City Hall to apply for the job, but can’t recall who, if anyone from the Airport interviewed her. ….more to follow.  The SIHS is seeking to document the life of Bill Inglis (1950 – 1976) and other Airport Managers.  Does anyone have contact with Bill and Mary Inglis family members?  SIHS member Richard Cook has kindly researched Bill Inglis from documents in the Vancouver Archives and elsewhere.  Thanks Richard



41)  The SIHS is interested in documenting where on Lancaster Crescent the Barbin or Baubin family resided. The January 17, 1951 Marpole-Richmond Review reported that baby Leslie Barbin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baubin, Lancaster Crescent was a patient in hospital for a few days.


42)  Thanks to Muriel Gustavson and her sister Wendy for their generous donations of photos of their time in the Cora Brown subdivision we were able to document numerous events and people.


43)  SIHS would like to contact Robert George Noakes b. about 1937, who was in Mr. Patterson’s grade 5-6 split class at Sea Island Elementary School in 1947/48


44)  Was Joy Middleton of 212 Anson Avenue with the same Middleton family of 209 Boeing Avenue in the mid-50’s?  Joy Middleton, age 8 of 112 Anson (sic – probably 212 Anson?) Avenue was in grade 3, Division 5, of Mrs. M.A. Reid and Miss E.L. Johnson’s grade two-three split class in 1949/50.  Please contact SIHS.


45)  Could someone please inform SIHS about the RCAF University Squadron (Auxiliary) at U.B.C. during WWII.  We’d like to document its connection to the Sea Island RCAF base. 


46)  The October 21, 2006 article in the Vancouver Sun about the 50th Anniversary of the arrival of the large number of forestry class members who were evacuated from Europe following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and provided temporary shelter in old army barracks from Sea Island while attended UBC.  Could someone please provide SIHS with stories and/or photographs of their “footprint” on Sea Island.  See also http://www.1956memorial.com/ 


47)  The Sea Island Heritage Society enjoyed the Feb 17-18 2006 weekend at the Richmond Arts Centre during Heritage Week.  Many former and current Sea Islanders dropped by our display table to say hello.  One of the highlights was having former Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Emily L. Kordall silver retirement plate donated by her grandson Doug Ellis.  The plate says “presented to E.L. Kordall from the Sea Island Community Association 1944 – 58”.  Who has stories to share about this wonderful teacher?  How much did it cost in the early days of the kindergartens for each child?


48)  Another surprise at the 2006 Heritage Week display was getting a set of photographs showing the late Daniel E. McIvor, C.M. receiving his Order of Canada medal at Government House hosted by the Honourable Iona Campagnalo, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.  Dan’s whole family joined him in Victoria for the award.  Dan McIvor lived in Burkeville from 1951 until his passing in 2005.  Mrs. McIvor passed away in 1993.


49)  As read in the March 2007 online issue of YVR’s Skytalk e-Zine, the two giant Martin Mars water bomber aircraft have recently been put up for sale by TimberWest.  The Glen L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum and the British Columbia Aviation council have recently teamed up to see if they could purchase these unique B.C. aircraft.  Read more how you can assist the British Columbia Aviation Council to fund the proposed McIvor Martin Mars Museum at Skytalk’s website article: McIvorhttp://www.yvr.com/pdf/authority/skytalk/skytalk_feb2007.pdf    


50)   The Sea Island Heritage Society recently donated a photo collage made by SIHS director, Colleen Brooks to the Sea Island Community Association thanking them for their support over the years.  The collage honours Dan McIvor with photos of the Martin Martins aircraft at Sprout Lake and is hung up in the Dan McIvor room of the Sea Island Community Hall.


51)  SIHS Vice President Don Phillips located a small brass plaque near the South Terminal Arrivals and Departures building.  It is across Cowley Road from the building in a small garden.  The commemorative a plaque honours the Royal Canadian Air Force WWII squadrons attached to the nearby Sea Island R.C.A.F. Station.  (see our RCAF webpage)  The plaque was dedicated by the first graduating class of RCAF #8 Elementary Flying Training School.  Could someone please put us in touch with anyone that has additional information about the 1991 dedication ceremony and/or #8 E.F.T.S.


52)  Eunice Robinson (nee Hamalock) donated a Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight Time Schedule titled THE MAPLE LEAF ROUTE” (with fares) dated July 1, 1958.  This was among her late mother’s affects.  The schedule is national in nature and includes cross-Canada and international flight times by their fleet of DC-3, DC-6, Viscount and Super-G Constellation service.  The “Connie” service was promoted in the brochure as NEW!  - TCA’s ‘HUDSON BAY’ Route: Vancouver (VIA) and Winnipeg to London direct.   TCA flights were advertised “choose from three types of service: “Mercury” flights by Super-G Constellation – fastest, most luxurious across Canada; inter-city flights by prop-jet Viscount; comfortable tourist class flights by four-engined Skyliner”. (DC-6)

According to the schedule, the Super-Connie could whisk you from Vancouver on Wednesday at 9:20 pm to London, England arriving there local time at 11:45 pm Thursday.  Fare choices from Vancouver/Victoria to London:

Economy – one way (OW) = $356.00

Economy – return (RT) = $661.00

Tourist (OW) = $419

Tourist (RT) = $775

1st Class (OW) = $595

1st Class (RT) = $1089

De Luxe (OW) =$645

De Luxe (RT) = $1179

SIHS is looking for photographs of TCA Connies, DC-3, Viscount, and DC-6 aircraft.  Older photographs (…say less than the year 2000) of any aircraft associated with VIA and Vancouver airport buildings in general are also sought as part of our running inventory of structures of Sea Island. …and yes, we’d like any photos of your Sea Island residence too.  Please contact SIHS if you can help with this.


53)  Thanks to Richard Cook and Sonja Mandic, the Vancouver International Airport and Sea Island community newspaper “Skytalk” has an article in their January 2006 issue about the Sea Island Heritage Society.  We hope to become a regular contributor of older-year photos and stories to Skytalk.  Help us out by sharing your memories and pictures.  See their online issue (s) at: http://www.yvr.com/authority/news/skytalk.asp?id=2003


54)  The Comox Air Force Museum on Vancouver Island forwarded scans of three aerial photographs of the Sea Island Airport in 1936.  Thanks to them for keeping in touch with SIHS.  Check out their website too: http://www.comoxairforcemuseum.ca/   The Comox Air Force Museum put the Sea Island Heritage Society in contact with 443 Squadron at Pat Bay (Victoria Int’l Airport).  Last year 443 Sqdn asked SIHS for help to locate photos regarding 443 Squadron history.  Some time ago the Squadron’s photo collection disappeared and is just now being replaced.  If you have any appropriate photos or information on 443 from the 1950’s, please contact SIHS.  Thanks.


55)  Over the years there’s been a lot of sports played on Sea Island.  I recall baseball and a few broken windows and a dented car fender from playing scrub on the roadways instead of at the park or school grounds where we should have been.  Who were some of the coaches that put in so many volunteer hours?  In the late 40’s and early 50’s George McGREGOR coached the “Tigers” baseball team on Sea Island while Bill BOWMAN coached the other boy’s team, the “Indians”.  What were some of the other names of the teams, players and coaches?  Cora Brown had the Slicers.


56)  Please write or post and tell SIHS about your best and worst day on Sea Island.  Were you ever frustrated at the long traffic line-ups caused by one of the many bridge openings on Sea Island?  ‘Ever miss a flight?  ‘Ever have medical emergency delayed by traffic on Sea Island?


57)  Duck Island was a small Island beside the Lulu Island community of Bridgeport in the Middle Arm of the Fraser River.  It was used to support piers for the east end of the Eburne Bridge from Sea Island.  In the 1940’s and 50’s it had a nice sandy beach perfect for swimming and a few fishermen had a float there.  John Mowat was a fisherman there.  Mowatt plus the Tompkins, Charles Edward,   George Lewis and Mary are all listed in the 1942/43 Richmond Directory.  Does anyone know the names of any others that resided there – likely on boats or perhaps a houseboat? Allan MacNeill recalled in a February 2006 email, “There was a set of steps from the middle arm bridge to give access to Duck Island.  My Uncle Walter MacNeill had his gas boat there for a spell. ……the time frame is around 1938 Plus or Minus.”  Al added in an April 24, 2006 email, “Jack Matheson had a small structure on Duck Island.  It was only a facility for net repairs etc, a shack and net rack.  Jack Matheson lived on Sea Island near the Bicknells.  Jack had several children.  I think there were 3 boys and 4 girls”.  “GT recalls that a Jackie Ellis lived on a house boat between Duck Island and Lulu Island. Jack Ellis said he and several others like a Betty Stout and a Beerman were residents of Duck Island.  They were in flat houses that were later pulled over to the Lulu Island shore..”


58)  Were Ronald Buss (b ca1942) and Marvin Buss (b ca 1941) siblings? – both of RCAF Station Sea Island.


59)  Irene Schlitt is seeking Sally Graham, formerly of the Cora Brown subdivision about their 1956 RHS Grad Reunion in May 2006.


60)  Gillian Hannah posted a query to the SIHS website on January 8, 2006 seeking any information pertaining to the disappearance of an RCFA aircraft from Sea Island on January 29, 1953 involving her mother’s first husband, then 27-yr old Army Corporal George Hilbert Vickers on behalf of her half-brother who was born shortly after the flight went missing.  Gillian said that her brother’s father was in the Army, based at Jericho Beach at the supply depot.  The Airforce was flying rations to an American Camp and he had the opportunity to go for a ride and took up the chance. 

Stan Goddard, (Captain, retired) and a former RCAF Sea Island airman assisted and said in a January 12, 2006 email:

“I flew with 121 SAR during that time as a Radio Officer and was involved in a variety of searches. I was on search Jan 30 and if my memory serves me correctly this has to be for one of our Daks. The crew would normally be 5 but I remember a mention of passengers.

The day that run was to take place (if it is the correct one) was very strange indeed. To start with the weather was quite dicey with freezing rain aloft and lots of other weather.

Freezing rain meant clear icing, bad news for a slow aircraft.  The flight was nearly cancelled as no one wanted to fly it.”  The aircraft was never located, other than a wheel assembly that washed up on a beach that was identified as coming from the missing Dak. 

The Comox Air Force Museum register of aircraft accidents and incidents provides the following information about the disappearance of pilot F/O Duncan and 6 others in an RCAF Dak.

Douglas Dakota 4T #985 [the military version of the Douglas DC-3 airliner)

29-1-53 (Note error – date should be Jan 28, 1953)

not found

Aircraft with 7 aboard left Vancouver for Puntzi Lake, via Princeton-Dog Lake, and disappeared.  Complete u/c assembly located at Boat Cove, Lasqueti Island.  Probable area: 49.25N 124.15W (SAR-156)

Pilot: Duncan

Crew: 6, not named

Further research has led us to the names, including passenger, Army Corporal George H Vickers. The 6 crew that perished in the January 28 1953 Dakota accident are memorialized in the new Veteran's Affairs Canada (VAC) "7th Book of Remembrance" (post war) in Ottawa “In the Service of Canada”.  This book is online on the Canadian Veteran’s Affairs website


and further details are published in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial at URL:   http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/remembers/sub.cfm?source=collections/virtualmem

Does anyone know if there is plaque or a monument placed anywhere else to honour the memory of these Sea Islanders?

Read more about Gene Vickers’ persistent search for information on the last flight of RCAF Dakota #985 in the March 17, 2006 issue of the Vancouver Sun, pages B-2 and B-3.


61)  Who remembers the Marpole theatre and the other stores in Marpole at it’s heyday in the mid-50’s?  There was Tad’s Sporting Goods Store further up on Granville, but a short stroll.  The bus loop was there to meet the trams over to downtown Vancouver, over to Lulu Island for Bridgeport, Brighouse and Steveston.  What stories do you have to tell?  What caused the demise of the once flourishing business section of Marpole?  For the answer and a delightful walk down memory lane go to the Marpole Museum and Historical Society webpage at: http://www.marpolehistorical.ca/.


62)  SIHS was pleased to obtain a small photo collection of airport related photos by Ernie Kilroe.  One of the photos is of Air France SST Concorde Supersonic Jetliner during a visit to Expo86.  We can’t make out the registration on the tail of this Air France Concorde and wondered if anyone could please tell us which SST this was. A British Airways SST may have carried British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to Vancouver from London on July 11, 1986 to visit Expo86.  Thanks again Ernie!  We’re also pleased that Ernie has also unearthed photos and a contact with family members connected to the former Fish family farm on Shannon Road. 


63)  Woodward’s Highway was a small road in the NE corner of Sea Island in the small but thriving community of Eburne between the Eburne and Marpole Bridges in the late thirties.  It housed a few residents near Grauer’s Store and Blacksmith shop.  It later became part of Airport Road.  Residents who lived there once included: Les and Carl Grauer, Burns Welding Shop, a filling station, Riedlingers, Rutherfords, J.W. McGinness, Postmaster and the Post Office.  Former BC Hydro Chairman and UBC Chancellor Dal Grauer’s wife was a Shirley Woodward.  Could her family have resided on Sea Island at one time?  Nathan WOODWARD and his son Dan were two of the original 1879 patentees when the Municipality of Richmond was created.  Apparently they were residing Lulu Island in 1901.  Perhaps they held land on Sea Island too?  Does anyone have any idea who it was named after?


64)  Gordon Swanson, Superintendent of Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing, Transport Canada, Richmond (Lysander Building) is putting together a training presentation for his staff in the office to increase their awareness of the local aircraft maintenance history.  He is interested in any early (1920-1940) photos of hangars and aircraft repair shops on Sea Island and Lulu Island such as Lansdowne field, Wells Air Harbour, Coates Aircraft and others he may not be aware of. Can anyone else assist him with information or provide photos?  Gordon can be reached at by phone at (604) 666-6122, or e-mail: swansog@tc.gc.ca


65)  SIHS is seeking contact with Arlene and Judy Ellen Leier formerly of 479 Miller Road.  We’d also like to be put in touch with Stephen and Ralph Jarvis of 516 Ferguson Road who attended the Sea Island elementary School in the 1950’s.


66)  The Sea Island Heritage Society is seeking info on an Alec or Alex Lockhart and family.  Our research to date indicates Alex S. LOCKHART was a production manager at Boeing Canada, Sea Island.  He and his wife Olive lived at 161 Wellington Crescent in 1945.  Alec Lockhart was listed as a graveyard supervisor in the Boeing Beam, March 1943 issue.  In the "Boeing Beam" Vol. 1, No. 6, March 17, 1943 Alex Lockhart is listed as Night Supervisor, Plant 1, 1A.  Alex Lockhart is listed in the Boeing Beam, Vol. 1, No. 19 as Evening Shift Supervisor at Plant 1 moved to i/c new Boeing (Nelson, B.C.) Assembly Plant.  Are Alec Lockhart and Alex Lockhart the same person? Can anyone please put usl in touch with this family?  Thx.


67)  For an interesting article about Discovering Sea Island’s history.  See the article by contributing columnist Mary Gazetas in the August 13, 2005 online issue.  If you go to www.richmondreview.com hit community, scroll down you will see the piece about the SIHS.  Also, you have to take a peek at her August 6 column on Burkeville.  Both are excellent! – Thanks Mary.


68)  For those interested, the 1911 Canada Census is now posted online.  The total population on Sea Island at the time appears to be 959.  That may include the Acme and Vancouver salmon canneries on the middle arm; plus those on Dinsmore and Swishwash Island if they were still all operating at the time.  To find information on families enumerated by William E Buckingham in June 1911 on Sea Island see New Westminster District #11, Sub-District #9 Richmond Municipality pages 1- 20


The copies are pretty poor and transcribing is going to be very difficult.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help with this transcribing, please contact Eunice Robinson or Doug Eastman.  Contact info below.


69)  Hank R Hall of Comox, B.C. is looking to reconnect with former RCAF Sea Island member James Hunter #59048.  James was an aero engine tech with 443 Squadron.  James and Hank first met at RCAF Summer Camp at Boise, ID in 1955.  Anyone with knowledge concerning the current whereabouts of James Hunter (originally from North Vancouver, B.C.) is asked to please get in touch with Hank at: 1517 Chilcotin Crescent, Comox, BC, V9M 3C8, Ph: 250-339-4514, Email: grumpyhank@shaw.ca


70)  Quite a few former Sea Islanders went to Steveston High School on Lulu Island.  Steveston High School will be no longer as of September 2007. It will be amalgamated with Charles E London and a partial new school will built. We still don't know what the name of the new school will be. When I get that information, I will pass it along. The Steveston High School Alumni along with the PAC will probably be planning a big closing party sometime in the early part of 2007. Please watch this webpage for further details.  In the meantime, if anyone is interested in helping out with this project, please contact Patsy Kikegawa (Hayashi-class of '62) and/or give us a contact for others to contact Patsy.


71)  There was a Les HORNER, Foreman of Shop 33, Plant 3 (Sea Island) mentioned in the "Boeing Beam" Vol. 1, No. 6, March 17, 1943.  Did he live at 316 Lancaster Crescent while the Geof (Edna) Horner family lived at 15 Catalina Crescent.  Is anyone still in touch with Marlene Horner?


72)  SIHS is seeking a house number on Anson Avenue that the Burns family lived in during the 1950’s   They had children, Ken and Eileen b. ca1940.


73)  SIHS posted a copy of a 1958 map of the locations of buildings on RCAF station Sea Island from an Air Show program kindly donated by former RCAF member René Bousquet of St Stephens, NB.  Can you please help identify the use and/or names of the various buildings.  Take a look at the blue-coloured map near the bottom of our RCAF page at URL:   http://www.seaislandhome.org /RCAF.html  Which building was the transient Barrack for out of town or visiting servicemen and women?  Where was the Chapel located?  Who could forget the airmen’s bar called the Schooner Club.  ‘Bet someone has a story or two about that place!  Thanks to Scott and Bob who have responded so far


74)  If you are familiar to the new "google earth" tool and you make a close-up approach view to the "Vancouver International Airport" (49º11'40,65'' N ; 123º10'47,32'' W) you can see lots of airliners attending the main terminal.  If you scroll south a bit you can enjoy seeing all the old buildings around the South Terminal.  Who can see the old TCA Viscount near the BCIT buildings, and the Grumman Tanker with its wings folded up?  Eunice can you see your car parked at the Air Canada employee parking lot?  Then there is nearby Burkeville and its wonderful tree shaded streets.  They sure didn’t have those swimming pools around when I lived there <g>.  Zoom in on the Sea Island Elementary School.  Can you find the Sea Island Equestrian Centre on Ferguson Road?  If your scrolling, zooming, twisting and tilting brings back some memories, please tell us! Have fun! ……you can download the free version of "Google Earth" at: http://kh.google.com/download/earth/index.html


75)  Re: Sea Island, B.C. - RCN or RCNVR during WWII - We are trying to record the history of the Navy Training area that was on the old wharf and marine gas dock of the former Acme Cannery.  This was located on the shore of the Middle Arm of the Fraser River on Sea Island ca1942. (now YVR - Vancouver Int'l Airport in Richmond, B.C.)  Can anyone tell us about it, Unit #, etc.  Was it part of HMCS Discovery in Vancouver?  Allan MacNeill of Vancouver, B.C. replied in a June 30, 2005 email, “I cannot recall any Naval training on Sea Island. I doubt if HMCS Discovery would be involved. They were primarily involved in Cadet work, Inspections for new RCNVR recruits, some basic training was done there. The active RCN command was on the DND property , Building 306. a three story structure located on the South west corner  of Highbury and 4th Ave. I do however remember an active Naval operation on Lulu Island at the Scotch Canadian Cannery site, west of Steveston proper. At Garry Point. A naval inspection vessel was stationed there to check the traffic proceeding upstream in the main arm (south arm).  When I joined the Navy I got a medical inspection at Discovery and was sent to HMCS Chippawa in Winnipeg for my Basic Training, I was however discharged at Discovery. I did not know the Naval rating Chuck Mills shown sitting at this “Navy” site on Sea Island with Margaret Novak (nee Bicknell) in the 1940’s photo that Margaret kindly donated.”


76)  SIHS recently became the keepers of a wonderful pewter beer mug as memorabilia.  Inscribed on the mug is: D.K. Game, 121. C&R FLT, FROM THE OFFICERS RCAF STN SEA ISLAND BC.  SIHS would like to know more about Officer Game and where he lived on Sea Island, when and why he was presented with such a “coveted” cup.  It appears airmen and airwomen leaving RCAF Stn Sea Island received this as a token, parting gift.  Solved.  Both officers and others received this coveted cup.  SIHS received info from former Sea Island RCAF Stn, Stan Goddard on August 13, 2005:

(on your Sea Island Heritage Society website – missing persons page) There was an enquiry re a beer mug with the inscription - DK Game on it.

It was tradition for officers leaving a base to be presented with an engraved pewter mug by the appropriate mess. I am not certain if the other rank's messes did the same.

My mug has 'F/O SB Goddard, 121 C&R Flight, from THE OFFICERS, RCAF STN, Sea Island, BC.

DK Game, called King Game, was a Squadron Leader flying Cansos and Daks. I flew with him on numerous occasions.

A gentleman and excellent pilot who, due to his experience and flying ability, saved our lives on a particular trip to Holberg Radar Site on Vancouver Island, night landing our Canso ,in fog and near zero visibility, at Cold Harbour.

Hope this helps with the inquiry, the date of his presentation is unknown to me but probably in the early'50s.

Stan Goddard (Capt retired).  SIHS thanks Stan J


77)  Fred Greene of Comox, B.C. recently donated his pewter mug received from the RCAF in May 1957.  Fred donated numerous other pieces of memorabilia and photos of life on the air base on Sea Island in the fifties.  Thanks Fred. 


78)  SIHS and RCAF Vet Herb Braun of Nanaimo are seeking contact with Wilf Hodgson or Hodgison of 442 Squadron Sea Island – Air Frame (1950s) who may be in the New Westminster area

79)  Attention Vancouver Island Military B.R.A.T.s or Vets, Neil Blue is trying to contact Elizabeth (Topping) Boudreau.  She has recently moved to the Comox area.  If you can help, please contact Neil at: blue_boy@telusplanet.net

80)  Can anyone please tell SIHS some of the names of the children in the 1952 Sea Island School Drama Festival as seen on the BC Archives website.  See URL: http://www.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/www2i/.visual/img_med/dir_22/i_22600.gif

81)  SIHS would like to know what the NINETTE CLUB was about.  According to a local newspaper clipping, the Ninette club was entertained on Tuesday evening, November 7, 1950, by Mrs. Olive Durmont at the home of her sister Mrs. George Upper 216 Stirling Avenue.  Mrs. J. Orrock and Mrs. D Greenman won at Bingo.


82)  Where on McDonald Road did they reside?  The First Twins Born in the Cora Brown subdivision were born in May 1951 to Mr. & Mrs. Stan Peterson, McDonald Road (proud parents of twin girls)


83)  DORCHAK.  Does anyone know if the Joseph Dorchak, 205 Anson Avenue that is listed on the 1958 Voters for Sea Island (kindly donated recently by Joanne Dunn) is the same Joseph Dorchak listed as deceased in the Legion Magazine’s “Last Port” article in 1996?


84)  R. SIMISTER, of R.R. 1, Eburne, British Columbia is listed among 89 WW ll Canadian Convoy Signalmen being sought online at URL: http://laing.cc/convoy/  If you know of this person or if the family resided on Sea Island, please contact the SIHS and the person posting this request on the ‘Net: bert@laingelectronics.com


85)  Juanita Ferguson is seeking contact with a female adoptee born April 3, 1949 that has a connection with the Sea Island Air Force Base.  See URL: http://registry.adoption.com/b_adoptee_first_name_J,67.html


86)  If you or your family were expropriated for airport expansion, please tell us your story.  When did it take place and under what circumstances?  We’d like to record the names and address of those homes that have disappeared from Sea Island.  Many of these homes were shipped by barge elsewhere and the Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) would like to document where they went.  Can you help?  Does anyone have an old copy of the McLean’s Magazine article that dealt with the Sea Island expropriation some years ago?


87)  Who recognizes the Boeing Aircraft employee with the word “Ray” or Roy on his coveralls at the City of Vancouver Archives photo collection, image Ref # CVA 1184-1343  Who can tell SIHS if these other Boeing workers were “Sea Islanders”? They are likely Boeing workers at Boeing headquarters on Georgia Street in Vancouver?  See images Ref #CVA1184-1344 and Ref #CVA1184-1359 Click on URL: http://www.city.vancouver.bc.ca (then follow the links to the archived photo collection).  Enjoy all the other “Sea Island” photos from the Jack Lindsay Ltd. Photographers fonds on that Vancouver Archives website including the July 27, 1942 launching of the first PBY5-A Canso dubbed “Athlone”.  One of 55 built there for the RCAF.  Please let SIHS know if you recognize anyone in the photographs at the Sea Island plant.


88)  The first amphibian PBY patrol bomber built on Sea Island during WWII was named “Athlone”, while the last of the PBY-5As was named the “David Hornell”.  Does anyone have any information on other aircraft built by Boeing on Sea Island that were given names?  Any photos of the Boeing Company associated with Sea Island?


89)  Who recalls the Soddam family?  Can someone please give SIHS a contact or info?  Thx.  Frances Soddam was born in the 30’s and lived on Miller Road.  He went to school with Doreen Bickner (nee Alexander).


90)  The RCAF Marine Section assigned the M-12 “Atlin” to Sea Island.  (Was this a crash tender boat and where on Sea Island was it moored? – ditto the RCAF M-427, a 70-ton ex-seiner “BC Star”.  Where was it posted when it mysteriously vanished July 23 1943?).


91)  Valerie Hooper said on May 3, 2003 that she is seeking information on her father, Owen Hooper who was some type of apprentice pre-1936 at the Vancouver Airport (south terminal) area.  He might have been an apprentice mechanic.  Please contact Valerie at vjhooper@aol.com


92)  SIHS is seeking contact with Irene Bourrice or anyone knowing her whereabouts.  She lived on Sea Island about 1951 and may have been born around 1936/37.  Apparently she either taught Sunday School at the United Church or was affiliated with the United Church about 1951.


93)  Please tell us the name of the family who lived on the easterly point of Woods Island behind Cora Brown subdivision, towards the back of the Laings?  They lived there for 3-4 years in a shack made out of driftwood.  G. Todd thought his name was just “Old John”.  Ken McDonald of Madeira Park, B.C. said in a January 4, 2006 email that he was John Cacius an eccentric Polish Immigrant who first worked in a meat plant in New York.  He was powerfully built and said at one time he could carry a half a beef carcass.  He built a driftwood shack on the sand outside the dyke on the north side of Sea Island adjacent to McGregor's farm.  i.e. McDonald Beach.  Ken recalled, “John was elderly when I knew him and worked occasionally for me on the farm.  Ken said, “I gave him a Jersey bull calf which he raised on condensed milk etc. from Grauer's Store.  When I came around it would run to the shack and paw at the door to get in.  John had a bicycle and the animal would follow him a couple of miles to Grauer's Store and back.  It finally got hard to handle and had to go.” 


94)  Which would be correct for a family entry in the Cora Brown Chapter: DON, Hart (or HART, Don?) – r 518 Grauer Rd - as listed on the 1960 petition to protest the removal of the #5 Eburne Bridge.


95)  The Sea Island Heritage Society (SIHS) wishes contact with Garth and Karen (Cheryl?) CHORNEY formerly of 161 Wellington Crescent and 58 Lancaster Crescent.  Were they related to the Chorneys on Miller Road?  One of the Chorneys was a professional football player.


96)  SIHS is seeking a photograph of an RCAF Kittyhawk aircraft to use with our history project. The photograph should come without copyright issues. Credit will be given to the photographer and/or the donor. This is the old Curtiss Kittyhawk P-40 single engine fighter that used to be stationed on Sea Island during WW11 with the 111 and 133 (f) Squadrons.


97)  Lois Foster of Ste #3, Barrack Block #8, RCAF was in A.S.G. Scott’s grade seven class in 1949/50.  There is also a Lionel James Foster in one the 1950’s class registers without an address.  Is he from the same family?


98)  SIHS Seeking whereabouts of Marj BERRY - Sea Island Dance Studio.  BERRY, Arth S (Marjorie) ftr Boeing - r 116 Douglas (1945 Eburne Directory).  BERRY, Arth & Marjorie Berry - children Robert and Joan.  Mrs. Berry of Douglas Crescent, taught dance classes, first in her Burkeville garage, then at the Sea Island Community Hall.  Art Cunningham said that Marg Berry's sister was Mrs. Parkins also of Burkeville.  We’d like to establish contact with movie actress Barbara Parkins.  Barbara, if you read this, please contact us so we can add your family story to the Sea Island Heritage Society records.  Bob Berry was last known to reside in or near Nanaimo, B.C.  Bob or Joan, if you read this, please contact us.  Thx.


99)  Gary Snider and Barbara Kennedy are handwritten in on Mr. A.S.G. Scott's grade seven register but with no indication they actually attended his 1949/50 class) of Sea Island in the school register with no address.  Can anyone shed any light on where on Sea Island they lived?  Army Barracks??  Update Nov 03: Butch thought that Gary Snider lived on Miller Road between Wellington and the Sea Island School


100)                      Harvey Stewart kindly donated a 1937 photograph of the Army Tent Camp on Sea Island (thx Harvey).  Sometime later permanent side-by- side duplex “hutments” were built on East and West Boulevards off Doherty Road just south of the Burkeville Subdivision.  We think that they were generally 60'x24' wood tar-paper sheathed huts.  Some had cedar shingle siding.  Now we’re trying to confirm this and determine the dates that the hutments were constructed and when they were torn down.  Research indicates this would be sometime in the period of 1940 to 1953 as ‘outside’ dates.  Can anyone help with information or photos of this establishment?   The 1947 Telephone Directory provided that there were 8 addresses on East Boulevard and 12 addresses on West Boulevard.  There were also some military hutments on McDonald Road too.  Apparently the Cranswicks & Colburns lived in the Army huts on McDonald Road, just south of Grauer Road near Butlers Store.  Who recalls who else lived there and where did those huts go?


101)                      Does anyone have a picture of Cora Brown’s Ray Connett’s old Studebaker “Erskine” car that sat covered in brambles across the road from Mr. & Mrs. McGuiness' house on McDonald Road by the Bruce's home, for years until it crumbled.  It had wooden spoke-wheels.


102)                      Jeannette Claridge (nee Glover) of Nelson, B.C. reported in Oct 2004, that thanks to this column, school chums had “found” her and she was able to attend the 50th class reunions for King Edward High School students, 1950-54.  Jeannette is also looking to contact former friends from Burkeville, including Elsie Sturgeon, Leona Pitre and Lois Barrowclough.  She is also seeking contact with classmates in Mr. Patterson’s grade 5-6 split class in 1947/48 June Bradley, Colleen Green, etc.  She was also seeking contact with including Mary & Jerry Hall, Contact via SIHS website posting.  Flash, Nov 03 – June has been located in Naramata, BC


103)                      Grant Thompson said in a September 2005 email that they had a great time at the 50 year Richmond High School reunion.  He added that there were not too many Sea Islanders in attendance (Barb Hoggard, Jack Alexander, John Campbell, Fay Connett, myself) were about it. In all there were about 110 people there.  Who else has stories of their High School Reunions.  What surprises were there?


104)                      Who has some stories about the workers at the various canneries?  Especially the Aylmer Vegetable Cannery on Lulu Island?  Many Sea Island ladies walked to and from work at Aylmer’s in their big boots, white coveralls and white kerchiefs.  Allan MacNeill of Vancouver, B.C. provided this response about workers at the Aylmer Vegetable Cannery (container food) on Lulu Island River Road across the Middle Arm near Moray Channel Bridge:

Al's notes indicate - some names associated with the cannery circa 1941:

Joe Capella ran the steam retorts*

Phyllis Tait (from Terra Nova) - can setter.  Jen added that Phyllis Tait is associated with family that VLA Tait Subdivision is named after)

Sammy Sam of Beckwith Road, Richmond (Lulu Island)

Al MacNeill (of Marpole, Vancouver, BC) - Al and Sammy were the team that took the filled and sealed cans off the conveyer line using large 'grasping' forks.  These forks took about 18 or so filled tin cans off the "hot can line" and filled the trays which were destined for the ministrations of Joe Capella's retort activities.  The cans came at an alarming rate of speed.  It was all Sam and I could do to keep up.  Exhortations from Joe Capella did not help.

*retorts - big steam pressure cooker that takes the 6 or 7 high racks of tin cans and cooks them. 


SIHS also thanks City of Richmond Councilor, Harold Steves for adding:

Joe Capella was foreman of the concrete crew for the construction of the Oak Street Bridge. There wasn't much concern for safety. The bridge pillars went up 60 feet in the air and we had to climb a 2X4 ladder every time we poured concrete. Joe was afraid of heights and tied a 3" manilla rope around his waist every time we went on top to make a pour. When on top he tied himself to the forms. I don't know what would have happened if he fell. He was a big man. As the kid on the job I would hang over the side with one hand holding on to catch the rope to guide the cement bucket when it came up. I shudder when I think about it. Someone on another crew fell off a barge and drowned under the tram trestle. Joe Capella's son lives on a farm and has a roadside stand just off highway 10 on the way to Cloverdale.


Unrelated to this article, but interesting; you can read more about retorts in relation to Richmond's fish canneries located at URL: http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/bc/georgia/hist-story/scottish_immigrants_e.asp

Grant Thompson also said in a June 30, 2005 email. “further to the Aylmer Cannery story, My mom, Etta Thompson also unloaded new cans with that long fork from railroad boxcars all through the canning season this included string beans and weeks of canning peas of various sizes. They would stand on a platform to start the upper rows of cans. They used a wooden fork device and if they did it right they could take off complete layers of cans, probably two or three forks full per layer, they would be placed on a conveyor and the cans would roll down hill into the cannery. Once they got room enough in the boxcar two people would work from each side on separate conveyors otherwise the open end of the cans would be mixed up. There were a lot of Sea Island ladies working there. The area was open and right next to the road so we could watch them working. Further to Joe Cappella, the women used to complain about him spraying them with water or steam from the hoses that he used to keep the floor clean.


Most of the women had projects that they used their pay for, eg. refrigerators that were starting to replace the ice boxes, oil stoves that were starting to replace the wood or sawdust burning stoves and electric washing machines and the like. There weren't any electric stoves or clothes driers yet because all the houses only had a 30 amp 110 volt service. No freezers yet, most of the produce was canned when in season or bought from the Chinese vegetable truck that went by twice a week. Some families had a frozen food locker at Ridley Ice and Cold Storage in Marpole. This was located where the Scottish Hall now is near 72nd and Hudson.


Shopping was usually done once a week at the Red & white store or the Safeway store in Marpole except for meat which was bought as required to get it fresh (no refrigeration) There was hardly a day that went by that you didn't go into Marpole for something or other. It was only a one mile walk or bike ride or a shot bus ride there and back.”


105)                      Who were all the Sea Islanders that were commercial fishermen?  Doreen Braverman was kind enough to list some of the fishermen crowd associated with the Acme and Vancouver Canneries.  Thx Doreen J  Allan MacNeill kindly donated photographs in June 2005 of his Dad’s fish boat, “Flora Mac” in the Middle Arm of the Fraser at the Vancouver Cannery c1943.  His Dad, A.R. (Roy) MacNeill was principal of Richmond high School at the time.


106)                      SIHS has some Sea Island names associated with the towboat industry: Hodder, Gates, Brodie, Cotton, Eastman, Parker and Cyril Porter, Jimmy Gordon, Claude and John McAstocker, Davidson, Conley, Hillman. LeGoff, Pearce, Pickup, Mogul, Joe Smith, Howard G Smith, Geo Upper, Webber, Geo Woodward.  …surely there were more than that? (and there has to be some good marine industry history tales to share!  Cathi Woodward recalls that a John Stuart on Lancaster was a tugboat operator.  Butch Glusman recently found a grocery receipt from Grauer’s store dated February 12, 1959 made out to the tugboat “Point Grey King”.  We can’t make out the signature of the person who signed it.  If you were a crew member with Point Grey Towing, please contact us so we can find out who signed for the groceries.


107)                      Does anyone have any information on the Sea Island Intermediate Square Dancing Group?  Apparently dance sessions were held at the Sea Island Community Hall in the 1950's.  Who were Mrs. L. McDonald and Mrs. Ray Kerfoot?  Did they reside on Sea Island?  Speaking of Dance.  Who recalls Aida Knapp’s School of Dance at the Community Centre? 

Harold Steves replied in Nov, 2006 that Mrs. Ray Kerfoot and her husband both ran the square dance group. Sometimes they had their square dance group perform on a truck in the July 1st parade. They operated "Rays" store in Steveston in the early 1950's. It was a "15 cent store". (Does that make me old as dirt?) The store is still there and is a bargain appliance store.  Thanks Harold.

Aida Knapp’s Dance Photo Collection has been donated to the Richmond Archives by her sons.


108)                      SIHS is seeking contact with ANY former RCAF Station Sea Island servicemen and servicewomen and/or their children.  i.e. Diana Douglas (b. ca1941) of Air Force Station (ph: LA0102) was in Mrs. F. Scott’s grade one class in 1947/48.


109)                      The SIHS is seeking information on a Mrs. L. Campbell BROWN mentioned in a local Richmond newspaper article dated October 29, 1952 as being one of 20 members of the Sea Island Sunday School volunteers at the Community Hall.  Specifically we are looking for the Sea Island address of her family.


110)                      Where is Louie Wekeen? (b. c1927).  There is a newspaper clipping from an August 1939 Vancouver Sun describing how one of their paper carriers got to be a circus performer for a day at Sea Island.  He was Louis "Louie" Wekeen, 12 years old, of 658 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC.  We would like to get in touch with him or anyone else who attended the Circus performance when it came to Sea Island in August 1939.  Do you remember the Elephants grazing in Grauer's fields?  If anyone has photographs, old ticket stubs, newspaper clippings or souvenir programs of this or any other Sea Island event, please contact any of the Sea Island Heritage Society members.


111)                      Colleen Brooks (nee Cruikshank) would like to find Arlene Collins.  Can you please help track Arlene down?  Colleen can be reached at: colbrooks@shaw.ca


112)                      Maureen Ross (nee Stark) is asking other Canadian sailors or their families that sailed on the Kokanee in (I think it was) April 1945 in wartime Ireland to contact her as her Dad, Joseph Stark sailed on her during WWII.  She is seeking the names of his shipmates and anyone that could identify photos of the crew from the photo of the ship and crew that she has.  Others (including the children or grandchildren of her Dad's fellow sailors) might have the same photo with some of them already identified.  Perhaps other Canadian Navy types settled in Richmond's Veteran's Land Administration (VLA) lands including the Cora Brown subdivision on Sea Island.  So if you can help Maureen please contact her at: ross3166@rogers.com


113)                      The SIHS wants to know what date and/or the family name of the first home in the 'Cora Brown' VLA subdivision was built or moved into.  The Jack Bolton and Harold Hammell families both moved in about Christmas 1946.  Anyone move in any earlier?


114)                      We are trying to compile a list of the names of the paperboys and girls on Sea Island and their routes.  If you know of any carriers for the various newspapers, The Vancouver News-Herald, The Province, The Sun, The Star Weekly, etc, please contact the SIHS.  Thanks for all the recent responses.  If you were once or know someone who was we’d still like to hear from you. Here are some names we have.  Can you help name any more paper boys (girls), the names of the papers they delivered, and some stories about their delivery escapades?: Bill Anthony, Glen and Bob Beauchamp, Morley Davidson, Johnny Bujak, Johnny Campbell (The Vancouver Herald), Glen Cunningham, Dave and Doug Eastman (The Province, The Monday Star Weekly), Butch Glusman, Richie Higgins and Les Inglis, Jerry Murray, Ralph and Jack Longstaff (The Province), Donald Clark (The Province), Wayne and Morley Greenman, Vic Marchand (The Province), Dick McClellan, Roy McDonald (The Vancouver Sun), Bob McLellan, Tom Montgomery, Ian Myron, Drew Parker, Don Phillips, Jesslyn Pyne (delivered the Sea Island Times), Bob Shaw, Scott Teasdale (The Monday Star Weekly), Grant Thompson, Mervin Volen delivered the News-Herald, plus the Vancouver Sun and Province.  (Merv said he collected his papers at a drop off point at the end of the Marpole Bridge), Louis "Louie" Wekeen, Jim and Ken Wensink delivered Province newspapers and became managers, Dr. Anthony Yurkovich and others (who?). 


Glen Beauchamp said in an April 2004 email, “My brother Bob had a Sun route from Eburne to Cora Brown, McDonald Road to the army barracks then to Miller Road back to Airport Road. He had this route approximately 1942-1947.  I had a Sun route which was basically north of Boeing Ave including Wellington, and Catalina. I had my route from 1942-1949. Initially we rode our bikes to Marpole for the papers and later they dropped my brother’s papers off at Eburne and my papers on Airport Rd at the entrance of Burkeville.”


Brothers Wayne and Morley Greenman had routes on Sea Island. Tom Ross was the first sub-manager for the Province Newspaper and ran the sub office out of a shed at the back of their home on Catalina (next to Cunningham’s) (GT). 


Ted Steele of the Cora Brown subdivision delivered 140 daily Vancouver Sun papers.  He said that he took over from Don Marshall around 1957/58 until 1960 when he passed it on to Doug Hardy.  Ted also mentioned at the Nov 2005 SIHS Open House that Bill Bruce delivered the Vancouver Province as far out to the end of Ferguson Road. 


Ken Simpson was also one of the newspaper shack ‘managers’ when the garage at the back of Mrs. Durham’s place was used by the carriers.  Drew Parker said that Ken Simpson wasn’t from Sea Island.


Fay Thompson said, “I remember delivering papers with and for my brother [Grant] in the Cora Brown area.”  Donald Marshall of 161 Myron Drive used to ride his horse, Tiny around Cora Brown area to deliver the “Province”. 

Al MacNeil of Marpole said, “For a couple of years [1939/40] I had a News Herald paper route. What a route!! It extended from Maple Grove Park to Ash Street along Marine Drive. It also included Hudson Street to72nd Ave., and the side streets.  I delivered papers to the Marpole Infirmary, the Eburne Hotel, Pacific Meat and various homes. But the prize customer lived on Sea Island so every morning in foul weather and fair, I had to cycle out to the Cooney farm on Miller Road and drop off one paper!!  It was an early rise situation.  I had to meet the first eastbound Tram which dropped off the papers for delivery. This was at 5 a.m. in the morning. I think I slept every afternoon in class at school!!!


Mervin Volen delivered both the Sun and the Province in the early 50’s.  He recalls having Frasea Farms on his route and nearly always stopping for a drink of their “famous” chocolate milk.  Oh how he remembers hearing his stomach gurgling as he rode his bike back down Grauer Road! 


Ken Mitchell said that he delivered papers all over Sea Island in the late 30’s and 40’s.  His younger brother Joe Mitchell had his photo on the front page of the Vancouver Province as he delivered the first newspaper to the first home at 300 Lancaster Crescent, Mr. B. Morris (and Yvonne) Neville or Nevile.  Joe Mitchell, his brother Jack and their spouses attended the May 6, 2006 Open House at the Sea Island Community Hall.  We are grateful to Joe for donating a large framed front page of the January 11, 1944 copy of the Vancouver Province with his photograph as a young paper boy delivering the first newspaper in the new Burkeville subdivision.


Ed Stover lived in the military housing by Burkeville from 1967-1972.  Ed said that he had a Vancouver Sun paper route for a couple of years and added, “I picked up papers by the Legion, delivered down Miller Road, and then in the military housing.” 


Eunice Robinson added, “It would be neat to get a photo of each of all these darlings circa when they were paper boys or girls”.


115)                      Is anyone out there in touch with the above Morris and Yvonne Neville or Nevile family (ch: Brinsley, Valerie and John).  If so, please contact SIHS.


116)                      SIHS is seeking where the MacKenzie family lived on Sea Island.  This family had a “Waneta”.  A Juanita (sic) MacKenzie appeared as a model for children's dresses as reported in Mrs. Elliot's "Around Sea Island" column of June 4, 1952.  Was it McKenzie or MacKenzie?  Was it the same Mrs. McKenzie that was the Sea Island Girl Guide leader?  BG said that a Bob McKenzie lived on Douglas Crescent.  Is this the same family?


117)                      SIHS would like to get in touch with the Weston family, formerly of 304 Wellington Crescent.  Could now be in Granisle, B.C?


118)                      Where is Stan Whitington, Widdington/Whiddington?  Can anyone put us in touch with this chap?  The local newspaper reported that: The largest ever crowd on record attended the Saturday, November 18, 1950 Teen Town “Sadie Hawkins” Dance.  The spot dance was captured by Ken Hillborn and [Fay] Connet, while the elimination contest was won by Stan Whitington [sic] and Arlene Cooney.


119)                      Need help locating the following family addresses on Sea Island: Mrs. Elliot's "Around Sea Island" column of June 4, 1952 reported on the May 16, 1952 Style Review at the Sea Island Community Hall under the direction of Mrs. Durham with Pro-Rec pianist Mrs. Brewster at the piano.  It is unknown if Mrs. Brewster was from Sea Island as we have been unable to locate further information on her or her family unit.  Among many other children appearing in that Fashion Show that we have been unable to determine addresses for or are unable to connect to known families included: Dianne Harwood, Wendy Johnstone, Gail Marsland, Arlene Douglas, Barbara and Reid Finlayson, Susan MacMillan, Juanita MacKenzie, Irene Mourrice or Bourrice, Pat Scable, Yvonne Muir, and Shirley Pickering.


120)                      SIHS is seeking the house number on McDonald Road of the DROPE family and a contact with any family member.  Danny Drope (age 10) of ___ McDonald Road was in Mrs. G.M. Murphy’s grade four class at Sea Island Elementary School in 1949/50.


121)                      Joy Meadowcroft (b ca1941) could have been in Mr. Holob's grade four/five split about 1952.   Where did the Meadowcroft's live?


122)                      Parent volunteers helping teachers Miss Johnson and Mr. Holob with the Sea Island School annual sports day Friday June 20, 1952 were: Mrs. P. Laine, Mrs. R. Barr, Mrs. M. Martin, Mrs. J. Wesley, Mrs. G. MacKenzie, Mrs. F. Hollingshead, Mrs. E. Fairfield and Mrs. R. Rees.  WHO WAS MRS. R. REES and WHERE DID SHE RESIDE?  We have addresses (although not all family stories) for the others.  THX FOR THE FOLLOWING UPDATE: Wilma, (Mrs. Robert) Rees was Doreen Braverman’s mother's best friend.  Doreen said, “They lived on No. 5 Road on a farm by the old Woodwards Landing ferry dock.  They had no children so I doubt that she would be helping out at a school.  She would have been born about 1913. I don't know if she is still alive but she recently did live in the Langley area”.  Allan MacNeill of Vancouver, added in a June 30, 2005 email, “I knew Mrs. R. Rees and her husband quite well. Her maiden name was Wilma Wark and the family had Warks Dairy and Wilma used to drive an early morning milk truck route!!! Wilma, her husband Bobbie and Doreen’s mother as well as Doreen, her dad Billy Montgomery were all taught by my Father!!  Thanks Allan and Doreen  J.


123)                      In an undated newspaper clipping (ca1952) there was a musical program at either the Community Hall or the Sea Island School.  On the piano: Roberta Douglas, Terry LeGoff, and his mother.  A guitar and violin under the direction of Mr. Woolstone.  Playing were: Donald McGregor, Bruce and Alistair Burt, Patsy Scobel and Clive Martin. Piano: Brian Pearce, Douglas Trigg, and Arlene Work.  Mrs. Rees thanked the youngsters.  Who were Mr. Woolstone, and Douglas Trigg?  Does anyone else have old newspaper clippings about Sea Island to share?  Pat Comer (nee Scobel) of Modesto California has posted to the SIHS website about her Richmond High School Class of 1960 Reunion.


124)                      The Wednesday May 21, 1952 regular monthly P-TA meeting had a portion of the meeting as a Musical Program, presented under the direction of Mrs. F. LeGoff. Craig McGinness, Nita MacKenzie, Linda McInnis, Carol Trigg and Michael Beacock all played pieces on the piano.  Brian Hollingshead and Judy Beacock played their violins.  WHO WAS: Carol Trigg?  Was the above Douglas Trigg her brother?  Where on Sea Island did Triggs live?


125)                      Does anyone know about a wrestling team or other sports teams on Sea Island?  We have some 50’s baseball team and some of the coach’s names.  We have some info on the Cora Brown Slicers along with some photos.  Was anyone else out there involved with wrestling or lacrosse?  We also have some old photos of the 1920’s and 1930’s Lacrosse Teams and there induction in the BC Lacrosse Hall of Fame (Grauers and McDonalds).  GT said that he didn’t know of any wrestling at Sea Island comm.. hall or in Marpole. “There was some semi pro stuff that went on in the old Garden Building at the PNE. We played some lacrosse over at the school and there was a lacrosse box in Brighouse park other than that some of us would  go up to memorial park (41 & Fraser) and play in that lacrosse box when Bob Martin moved to that area. But most of our play was at the back of the school”.  We recently received numerous RCAF Sea Island baseball team (mid 50s) photos and would love to be able to identify all the players.  If you can help please give SIHS a call or email.  Thx


126)                      The Sea Island School Play May 1, 1952 was directed by Principal Scott.  Teacher V. Holob was the stage manager.  Mrs. Gaelick won the attendance price of the evening donated by Mrs. Butler of Grauer Road.  The Sea Island School P-TA sponsored the prizes for student attendance at the school.  The prize was awarded to the teacher of the class who had the least absences the preceding month.  I believe that the above Mrs. Gaelick may have been one of those teachers.  Does anyone know anything about the years or grades that she taught?  Was the spelling of Gaelick really Guzyk?


127)                      Is John Wilfred Slater of 212 Boeing Avenue the same John Slater of 206 Lancaster Crescent in the early 50’s?  Did he have a sister Helen?  Please contact SIHS


128)                      A Peter Harder, age 9, is listed as being in grade 3, Division 5, of Mrs. M.A. Reid and Miss E.L. Johnson’s grade two-three split class in 1949/50.  A Jimmy Harder may be a brother.  Neither have an address listed in the old school registers.  Can anyone please tell SIHS where on Sea Island these Harder boys lived?


129)                      LAINE, W Arne (Alice) drftsmn Boeing - r 14 Lancaster (1944).  Were the following LAINE names attached to this family in Burkeville?:  There was a P. Laine mentioned in a December 10, 1952 newspaper article about the Sea Island School P-TA.  A Sandra Laine was a fairy in a Sea Island School play in May 1952. 


130)                      The SIHS is seeking info on the MULLIGAN family of Catalina Crescent for the 1950’s.  They had twin daughters and two sons.  Need house number and names.


131)                      The SIHS seeks contact with or info about the WARREN or WARNER family that operated the small store (Joe’s Confectionary) in Burkeville after the Scardina’s.  There was an apartment at the rear of the store at 307 Airport Road (BG).   Did Warner/Warren’s live on Sea Island?  Does anyone have any photographs of the commercial stores in this area from the 1940s or 50’s?


132)                      SIHS is seeking photographs of former and existing residences and commercial buildings.  For example we have commenced an inventory of aviation related buildings and would like to expand by adding all commercial buildings.  We’d like to document photos of the small strip mall in Burkeville in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s located at the corner of Miller and Airport Roads.  Arnold Wolfson kindly gave of photos of his BA Service Station to scan.  Who else has photos of that “business” area?  We’d like photos of Butler’s corner store at McDonald and Grauer Roads, the Eburne business area including thee old post office, newspaper office, blacksmith and of course Grauer’s Store and Richmond Tugs.  Who has pics of the Chevron marine fuel station, Bulk tanks and the marine dock there? Old Cannery photos are most welcome as are marine related facilities and modes of transportation on the Fraser River. 


133)                      We would like to obtain more photos of the Sea Island United Church that the community helped to build in 1958 on Miller Road.


134)                      SIHS has many aviation type photos from the R.C.A.F. base on Sea Island but very few photos of the buildings or facilities on that base.  Can you please help?


135)                      The SIHS wishes to interview former Boeing Canada employees to hear their stories about life working on Sea Island.  Following the end of the war in the Pacific, Boeing abruptly shut down their mammoth aircraft plants and laid-off 7,000 employees in 1945.  What can you tell us?


136)                      The SIHS is researching the hey-days of the salmon canneries on Sea Island and wants to contact descendants of the workers.  Many of them were Japanese- Canadians.  Also need details of an alleged and tragic drowning of 17 Japanese-Canadian fishermen from Sea Island in a storm sometime between 1900 and about 1920 as told by the late Gordon Bicknell in the 1994 Rogers Cable TV (now Shaw Cable TV) Video production, “Sea Island, Then and Now”.


137)                      SIHS seeking contact with any King family member – believed to once have lived on Stirling Avenue in Burkeville.  Seeking house number and family details re: Brian and Iva King and their daughters.  Did they once have a girl boarder by the name of Kelly living with them on Stirling?


138)                      SIHS requires contact with or information on former Wellington Crescent residents from the c1950’s – house numbers not known - DENNIS, Duncan and Vera and STEWART, Don or Harley.


139)                      Lancaster Crescent families 1950’s – house numbers and contact desired for: BROWN, DASCHNE, TRAUTMAN


140)                      SIHS seeks address and/or contact or info on the following person - Ellen McGill attended Mr. Patterson’s grade five/six split class at Sea Island Elementary School in 1947/48. Street address unknown.


141)                      The Sea Island Heritage Society is grateful to have been put in touch with the Donegani family; Re: the HALSE home on Sea Island as mentioned in a 1936 newspaper article.  This Halse estate was located on 5 acres where the hotel and former CPA offices off Lsysander Way are.  A very well landscaped property with lots of chestnut trees and seemingly used only as a summer home.  Big house with a caretaker’s house where a Mr. and Mrs. Marchant once lived.  The Donegani family lived here to.  We would still love to obtain photographs of this property (or any other Sea Island property).


142)                      The Sea Island Heritage Society would like to locate a photograph and additional information on the Missionary Boat, M.V. Sea Island 2.  A seine boat owned by British Columbia Packers, rented for use at Ocean Falls in 1967 while the Thomas Crosby V was being built.


143)                      Please take a look at the photo on the Richmond Archives website Copyright - Richmond Archives Item #1984 17 84.  The first smaller Island is Pheasant Island, then Dinsmore.  Doherty Road access those Islands.  Glen Beauchamp kindly told us that there was no cannery at the end of Doherty Road when his family moved to Sea Island in 1942.  Glen said in his email, “the bridge between Dinsmore and Pheasant Islands was where we all swam. We used the bridge as our diving platform. We would in the evening drift from the bridge up to the south end of Dinsmore and run back. The south end of Dinsmore also had a large sand area and we would go there in the daytime and swim.  Grant Thompson also shared his memories of the kids swimming off that bridge and having cookouts on the sandy part of the Island at the south end.  Photo at URL: http://www.city.richmond.bc.ca/archivessearch3/SingleImage.asp?Image=17h84.gif 


144)                      The SIHS is seeking info on the TAPP family.  Tapp Road is located running west of McDonald Road between Ferguson Road and the Fraser River.  Who was Tapp Road named after?  Was it a Frank R Tapp?  If so, who was he and what interest to Sea Island or Richmond did he have?  Yes, those that lived in the Tapp Road Subdivision on Sea Island will be pleased to know that we have located information to confirm the subdivision had to be named after Frank Robert Tapp, a Richmond Municipal Councilor, who was born on Sea Island.  Thankfully Allan MacNeill has confirmed that Frank Tapp attended Bridgeport School where Al’s father, Mr. A.R MacNeill taught.  Al said in a June 2006 email, “I was going through some old school memorabilia of my fathers and came across a copy of the reunion of the class of 1926 at the then Bridgeport High School, the precurser of Richmond High. There were letters and notes from most of the class that were still alive at the reunion which took place about 1959/60.  My dad would have known him as a pupil at Bridgeport High and my dad was also a charter member of the Richmond Kiwanis Club of which Frank Tapp was a member and likely a charter member also.”

Allan MacNeill sent short autobiography of Frank Robert Tapp from 1927 thru 1961 where he went into the floristry business in Orlando, Florida.  Frank Tapp was born in 1903 in Eburne, BC.  In 1944 Mr. Tapp was elected to Richmond Council representing Ward 1 (Sea Island)


145)                      Who were the parents of the NEIL children on Sea Island in the 50’s?  Where did they live, and are the following NEIL’s siblings?:  Mat Neil attended the Feb 16, 1952 birthday party for Lea Hamblin. Terry Neil was a guest at the June 14, 1952 party for Billie Kellett.  Matt Neil attended Frances Kellett’s birthday party April 26, 1952.  Deborah Neil attended Shirley Elliott’s birthday party Nov 18, 1950 in Cora Brown.


146)                      A Lorna Boone (b. ca1939) attended Mr. Andrew S Gray Scott's division one, grade five/six split class seven at Sea Island Elementary School in 1950-51. SIHS wonders if this Lorna Boone was a child attached to the RCAF Boone family on Breadner?


147)                      Doreen Braverman asked, “What about famous dogs on Sea Island?  She recalls: Sport Bicknell, a pointer, who could lift the lid off a sunken crock - and eat the stored butter out of it. 

Jenny Montgomery, a Labrador, who could flush out the pheasant, retrieve it and pluck it!”  

Who has other stories about dogs or pets on Sea Island?  What about stories on horses or cows/bulls/ chickens from the rural areas?  Brian Novak said at ther SIHS Open House on November 26, 2005 that the crow on the shoulder of the boy was of their pet crow Blackie in the photo submitted by his mother, Margaret.

Al MacNeill provided the following info:

Dogs Associated with Sea Island

"Jenny", Billy Montgomery's Labrador, a great "Birdie" huntress, she was great in the field and in the water.  I had the pleasure of shooting over her on several occasions. 

Other dogs associated with my family, and the MacNeill hunting shack at the end of Ross Road [Sea Island, B.C.]:

The first dog that I can recall was a black Cocker named "Jeff".  He and his successor "Ted", another black Cocker Spaniel, were good in the field and were even more useful as a companion in Punt shooting.  They were fearless in the water and excellent retrievers.  They could be easily lifted out and into the punts, where the larger retrievers were likely to get everybody tipped into the Middle Arm!!  These dogs were used primarily in punts at Swish Wash Island.  Said Island in their time (1920's and 30's) would be completely awash at high tide.  In the late 30's along came "Ranger", a black and white Spring Spaniel, whose prowess in rough stuff pheasant shooting was unparalleled.  Excellent retrieving abilities as well.  He was followed by one of his offspring and another Springer called "Ruff".  He was as good a gun dog as his sire.  This dog was domiciled with A.R. MacNeill* and yours truly.  Another good field dog belonged to my uncle Walter MacNeill.  A dog named "Buck" while a trifle willful, he was as birdie as they come; and was good at retrieving.  Buck was a German Shorthaired Pointer.  One other dog associated with this hunting group was my Boston terrier, "Mike".  Mike was a top notch retriever, unfaised by a watery environment.  He was also a prolific gatherer of Oolichan.  Jeff, Ted, and Ranger were my Grandfather Harry MacNeill's dogs.  The shack was built by Harry in 1911.  at the time live decoys were used, and he kept a small flock of Mallards in his backyard on 18th Avenue in Vancouver!

*A.R. MacNeill was Al's father and former Richmond high School Principal.


148)                      Sea Island School Students recorded in the 1950s included Frances Ferne Gooding of 122 Greenway Avenue and a Lorne Gooding of 112 (sic) Greenway Avenue. Are these children related to H.O. Gooding?

In the following: In July 1942, No. 111 sent a detachment to Umnak (Alaska).  Four pilots from this detachment took part in an attack on Kiska on 25 September 1942 along with 37 U.S. aircraft.  The Canadians strafed (Japanese) ground targets and Squadron Leader BOOMER destroyed a “Rufe” seaplane fighter (a Zero on floats).  The U.S. Air Medal was awarded to BOOMER and to flying officers J.O. GOHL, H.O. GOODING, and R. LYNCH, and BOOMER was later awarded the Commonwealth DFC.  Squadron Leader K.A. BOOMER took over RCAF Squadron 111 Wing at Annette Island 22 August 1942. 


149)                      SIHS would appreciate any info on the GOLLY family.  Did they reside on Sea Island in the 1951 era?  The April 7, 1951 Marpole-Richmond Review (Around Sea Island Column) reported that Mrs. W. Rempel entertained at her home, 25 Douglas Crescent.  Guests included her aunt, Mrs. Vickaryous, Mrs. Golly (who won the door prize), and Mrs. K Oxley.


150)                      We need help in obtaining photographs and construction dates of various homes and commercial buildings on Sea Island (and former structures now gone).We’d love to have a photo collection of all the old barns too. We have started a photo inventory of all remaining structures and require help indexing them as well as naming the various occupants – residential or commercial.


151)                      Where did Jeneen Sournier and Maurice Dion live?  The January 27, 1951 Marpole-Richmond Review (Around Sea Island Column) reported that on Friday evening the final dance held on the Sea Island in the "Polka for Polio" series saw the Community Hall thronged with merry makers.  During the evening a demonstration of square dancing was given by a group of teenagers.  The participants were Mary and Marjorie Hall, Noreen Hatcher, Jeneen Sournier, Bill Anderson, Bill Alexander, Ted Hall, and Maurice Dion with Glen Beauchamp calling the dance.


152)                      Who recalls the campfire and hiking songs of the cub, brownies, scouts and guides?  We belonged to the Cubs and Scouts for the pleasures of camping and legalized pyromania. I recall great camping trips and have many good memories of sing-songs, although I couldn’t carry a tune to save my soul.  ‘Remember the crackling embers reflecting in our innocent faces as marshmallows melt on sticks, the camaraderie, the feeling of "belonging", of being at peace with the world: and the reassuring warmth in Akela Roy Cunliffe’s face, as he divided the pack in two and fondly urges us into the second verse of the infamous and nonsensical song "Ging-Gang-Gooley", with half of us softly singing “Golly wally, golly wally, golly walla, golly walla, um-pa, um-pa, um-pa.  ‘Member those bike tours?  ‘Hard for little legs to keep up with the bigger boys.


153)                      In 2007 Scouting celebrates its 100th Anniversary. The Scouts Canada Foundation is launching a country-wide search to find as many Canadians as possible who hold the rank of King’s Scout, Queen’s Scout, Chief Scout and Queen’s Venturer.

If you were a youth member before 1952 you could be a King’s Scout; from 1953 to 1973 -a Queen’s Scout, and from 1973 to the present - a Chief Scout and/or Queen’s Venturer.  Join the 1st Centennial Group!
All King’s Scouts, Queen’s Scouts, Chief Scouts and/or Queen’s Venturers are invited to join the 1st Centennial Group, an exclusive group sponsored by the Scouts Canada Foundation.  Since 1907 over 17 million Canadians have participated in Scouting. Until recently Scouting has not had a database, so we’ve lost contact with many of our past members. Scouts Canada Foundation wants to re-connect with them, and invite them to help celebrate in 2007.  See website: http://www.scouts.ca/inside.asp?cmPageID=388


154)                                                                                                                      It was sad news to hear that Burkeville’s Dan McIvor passed away Feb 24, 2005.  Not only was he a good friend and neighbour to all, he received the Order of Canada (Member) in August 2003.  Dan McIvor, O.B.C., C.M. joins, other notables connected Sea Island and to the “Orders of Canada”, including:  The Honourable Thomas R. BERGER, O.C., Sea Island pioneer farmer Hugh & Catherine McARTHUR’s granddaughter Margaret Ormsby (O.C.), Renowned Canadian painter/artist Jack L. SHADBOLT, O.C. brother of former Burkeville’s Roy Shadbolt; and Major Deanna “Dee” Brasseur (retired) who was born into a military family and grew up on Sea Island’s RCAF base.


155)                                                                                                                      For those of you who flew up and down the coast of BC, you may enjoy reading Jack Schofield’s 1999 book, “Flight of a Coast Dog – A Pilot’s Log”.  Jack was once stationed on RCAF Station Sea Island. The book features Jack’s many tails and mentions lots of airline company names and pilot names that are familiar with the Seaplane dock on Sea Island.  Jim and May Jenkins, formerly of RCAF Sea Island have a son, Gordon, whose picture appears in that book.  Gordon is another one of those young daring pilot’s on BC’s rugged west coast.  Gordon Jenkins once flew into a remote Kingcome Inlet Indian reserve to see his old home from the RCAF base on Sea Island.  It and many others were barged up there after 1964 when the base closed.  Can anyone else tell us where former Sea Island homes were barged to?


156)                      Who recalls the green grocer truck from the 1950’s on Sea Island.  What was the name of the operator?  Was he from Sea Island?


157)                      The Aircraft Detection Corps was a volunteer group of civilians in Canada and had grown to a peak enrollment of 30,000 members across the country.  Does anyone know any members of this elite organization from Sea Island that we could interview?

See more at URL: http://www.pinetreeline.org/misc/other/misc5b1.html


158)                      Apparently the Sea Island RCAF base was used to receive and medivac wounded servicemen from Korea in the early 50’s.  There seemed to be a constant state of airplane movements regarding this in connection with a US base in Washington State (Everett?).  Would anyone care to elaborate on the involvement that the Sea Island base had during that conflict and/or the cold war that followed?


159)                      Can you help SIHS with info on the Duvis family?  We’re not sure if this is a Sea Islander or not, or where a Mrs. T. Duvis resided – perhaps Burkeville according to this clipping:  The May 16, 1951 Marpole-Richmond Review (Around Sea Island) Column by Nellie Philpott reported that a tea was held on Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Roy Patterson, 128 Lancaster Cres., to honour Mrs. Merv Erwin.  Guests included Mesdames: A. Purser, H. Wensink, M. Stevenson, A. Jehn, N. Fendson, G.W. Douglas, C. Rines, E.A. Fairfield, T. Duvis, E. McCaffery and C. Abbott.


160)                      The SIHS would like to reconnect with the following email addressees that had their emails returned as undeliverable:


In February 2007 the following email addresses as they were rejected.  If you recognize a former email, please notify Sea Island Heritage Society of your new email address.  We’d like to stay in touch.  Thx.
































161)                      Doreen Braverman (nee Montgomery) of Vancouver has a copy of the c1953 Sea Island Cookbook with recipes submitted from the local residents.  Her copy is missing part of the front page.  Guy Fortier’s wife of Ottawa also has a copy of this recipe book.  Were there other Cookbooks associated with Sea Island that you know of?  What about the Sea Island United Church Ladies Auxiliary recipe books – Who has one of those?  Doreen believed that her recipe book had something to do with the Army & Navy Vets and may have been published by the Sea Island Community Centre when she was the secretary there in 1953.  Doreen kindly provided a typed copy of all the names of the recipe submitters by email Dec 27, 2003.  If you recognize any of the names, please let SIHS know where on Sea Island they lived:

Allan, Mrs. W.H.

Alling, Mrs. A.

Anderson, Mrs. A.

Anderson, Mrs. F.R.

Bariley, Mrs. J.

Bard, Mrs. D.

Begg, Mrs.

Bell, Mrs. J.

Bjorge, Mrs. E.

Bloxham, Mrs. L.J.

Boyle, Mrs. J.

Brown, Blanche

Brown, Mrs. H.A.

Brownlee, Mrs. W.B. Sr.

Budreau, Mrs. L.

Burch, Mrs. N.R.

Burton, Mrs. F.

Butler, Mrs. G.

Campbell, Mrs. H.

Carr, Mrs. G.H.

Collins, Mrs. E.

Conners, Mrs. H.

DeBourcier, Mrs. T.

Dodds, Mrs. A.P.

Dodds, Mrs. J.W.

Dunlop, Mrs. K.

Easton, Mrs. J.

English, Mrs. A.

English, Mrs. Charles

English, Mrs. F.

English, Miss L.

English, Mrs. W.

Ericeson, Miss Becky

Erickson, Mary

Fair, Mrs. T.W.

Fallis, Mrs.

Fanson, Mrs. G.

Farmer, Mrs. T.E.

Fleming, Mrs. G.

Francis, Miss E.

Francis, Miss F.

Fraser, Mrs. 

Galloway, Miss Irene

Geibelhaus, Mrs. M.

Gibson, Mrs. A.

Giguere, Mrs. A.A.

Gilbert, Mrs. Walter

Gilmour, Mrs. G.

Grove, Mrs. H.B.

Grove, Mrs. H.G.

Grove, Mrs. S.

Harvey, Mrs. Agnes

Haynes, Mrs. T.

Hayter, Mr. Harry W.

Hetherington, Mrs. W.G.

Heuss, Mrs. R.

Higgins, Mrs.

Hind, Mrs. T.R.

Hilton, Miss Edith

Hodgeson, Mrs. A.

Hodgkinson, Miss Thelma

Holmes, Mrs. F.

Horner, Mrs. V.

Huess, Mrs. R.

Hunter, Mrs. J.

Ingham, Mrs. A.E.

Irwin, Mrs. J.

Johnston, Mrs. H.

Johnston, Mrs. J.

Jones, Mrs. B.

Jones, Mrs. D.

Jones, Mrs. S.

King, Mrs. B.

King, Mrs. Brien, Jr.

Knott, Mrs. H.

Laird, Mrs. T.

Lamb, Mrs. T.

Lee, Mrs.

Lickert, Mrs. P.B.

Linniboe, Mrs. J.

Lloyd, Mrs. D.

Long, Mrs. F.

Lundburg, Mrs. G.

Marlow, Mrs. T.J.

Martin, Mrs. H.

May, Mrs. W.R.

McCallum, Mrs. H.D.

McConnell, Miss E.C.

McCreary, Mrs. W.J.

McElroy, Mrs. T.

McKay, Mrs. J.G.

McKay, Mrs. T.J.

McKechnie, Mrs. M.

McLaren, Mrs. Robert

McLeod, Mrs. Harris

McMullen, Mrs. A.

McNeal, Mrs. C.

McPherson, Mrs. N.

McQuat, Margaret

McTaggart, Mrs. W.

Millar, Mrs. Jack

Miller, Mrs. J.F.

Mitchell, Mrs. L.

Moar, Mrs. J.

Moir, Mrs. D.W.

Morrison, Mrs. H.A.

Morrison, Mrs. H.D.

Paquin, Mrs. P.

Peacey, Mrs. H.

Perree, Mrs. G.W.

Perring, Mrs. G.

Petch, Mrs. Nina E.

Putman, Mrs. R.M.

Ralter, Mrs. E.

Ramsay, Mrs. D. 

Randall, Mrs. R.C.

Raven, Mrs. T.W.

Reagan, Mrs. L.

Reagen, Mrs. L.

Regan, Mrs. L.

Reichelt, Mrs. H.

Reichelt, Mrs. Roy

Reid, Mrs. Bruce

Richards, Mrs. M.D.

Robertson, Mrs. A.

Robertson, Miss Grace

Robinson, Mrs. G.

Saunders, Mrs. K.

Sawle, Mrs. North

Scharf, Mrs.

Shorey, Mrs.

Simmons, Mrs. T.L.

Skwarak, Mrs. E

Smith, Miss B.

Smith, Mrs. H.E.

Smith, Mrs. R.

Sorrell, Mrs. J.W.

Stanford, Mrs. S.

Stanton, Mrs. Hugh

Stirton, Mrs. D.

Sutherland, Mrs. D.

Thomson, Mrs. R.

Tickner, Mrs. F.

Tucker, Mrs. E.H. 

Tupper Mrs. J.A.

Tweed, Mrs. C.

Walker, Mrs. G.

Walker, Mrs. H.

Walker, Mrs. J.G.

Wallis, Mrs. C.

Watson, Mrs. L.M.

Webster, Mrs. F.

Weston, Mrs. R.T.

Wickett, Mrs. M.T.

Williams, Mrs. S.

Wise, Mrs.

Wright, Mrs. H.




162)                      The SIHS would like to establish contact with the following people who are listed as attendees at Sea Island Elementary School, Richmond, B.C. on www.classmates.com If you are in touch with any of them by email or have their snail mail address, please have them contact us:

Thanks to those that have passed along a contact*.  ‘Much appreciated J

Bill Bennett

Bob Berry

Glen Billwiller*

David Bisonnette

Sharon Bordeleau (nee McDonald)*

Linda Brisson

Cheryl Butts

Beverley Champniss

Chris Charlebois

Leonard Clarke 

Laura Collins*

Robert Curll*

Judy Dennis

Doug Eastman*

Dan Gates*

Kathleen Glomba*

Linda Gore

Corky Hamilton*

Marjorie Heath*

Laurie Hollick-Kenyon

Susan Johnson (nee Robinson)

Richard Kellet 57-65 new Nov. 2005

Ken McEachnie*

April Neilsen*

Don Phillips*

John Richardson

Mike Riesterer

Tim Rohwer

Don Ross*

Tracy Ruthven*

Timmy Salame

Patrick Saunders

Carol Saunders

Shawna Sleeman*

Cheryl Smith 

Naomi Smith*

Carol Sorensen

Jack or John Staples

Sandi Steele*

Ed Stover*

Joanne Thompson

Kathleen Warbrick (nee Glomba)*

Brenda Whaley (nee Fast)

John Wind

Judy Wind

Trish Woodward*

Darlene Wright

*contact made or we have their address



163)                      If you haven’t already submitted your School Class photo(s), please do so NOW!  Request includes class photos from Duncan McDonald School, Cambie Jr High and Richmond High from Sea Island families too.  In March 2005 we received some from Scott Teasdale.  Ken McDonald sent in a 1929 Bridgeport class photo with some of the Sea Island kids named on it.  Can you help identify others?  Thanks Scott and Ken!  Thanks too to recent photos from Mike Bourdon that have been posted to our classroom photos webpage; and too people like Vince Gates and Sandi Bezanson-Chan who gratefully provided the names of some of the student in the in photos.


164)                      The Sea Island Heritage Society is hoping for a possible link to the Retired School Teacher's Association's 'School Yard Memories project and SIHS encourages all of you to get the remainder of your school class photographs submitted with as many of your classmates and teachers identified as possible.  A FUN project for ALL!  J  See URL: http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/CommunityMemories/ADSW/000a/Exhibits/English/


165)                      The SIHS will post the list of class photos we have obtained and ask that you see if you can help fill in any blanks over the years.  Please attend future Open Houses to help identify the S.I. kids and teachers in any class photos of Sea Island Elementary School, Lord Byng School (Steveston, B.C.), Bridgeport School, David Loyd George School (Marpole, B.C.), Cambie High School, Cambie Junior High School and/or Richmond High School.  See URL: http://www.seaislandhome.org /classphoto.html



166)                      Did you have a favorite teacher?  Who was it and why?  Do you recall any school events or stories?  Please share your memories by posting a message or send an email to any of our SIHS directors or book committee.


167)                      If you are a Gold Member of Classmates.com SIHS would appreciate you placing the following "ad" on the Sea Island "classmates.com MESSAGE BOARD:


Sea Island Arrivals and Departures - Be part of a unique experience


A local history book of the people who live, have lived, work or have worked on Sea Island is now being prepared.


We believe that every individual involved with Sea Island is important and we want to include everyone.  We also believe we have a special duty to record the past and present because this Island is unique.


We have formed a registered charity, not-for-profit "Sea Island Heritage Society" to promote our objectives which includes publishing a history book.  Our only fund raising at the moment consists of donations, the purchase of our annual Calendar with photos of historic interest and the possible sale of Sea Island photographs.  Memberships to our Society are available.  We are looking for fresh ideas for fund raising.  If you have ideas, photographs or snippets with dates to add to future issues of the Sea Island Heritage Society calendar, we’d like to hear from you as soon as possible..  We wish to publicly thank Colleen Brooks for managing our calendar project.  Anyone with any other fund raising ideas?  Please contact any of our executive.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to take out or renew your subscriptions.  Thanks.


Come and join us for the Drop-in sessions during our monthly Open Houses at the Sea Island Community Hall.  Watch for special announcements.  Spread the word about our history project.


The most recent dates will be posted on our website.  Take a look at URL:



Please drop by and see how the project is shaping up.  Visit with friends and former neighbours.  We still need your help.  If you have any pictures, stories or memories that you would like to include, we would love to have them.  Put your order in early for our latest calendar and order one.  Send them to your family and friends.  SIHS calendars from years gone by are also available for $5.00 each (if available) and make a nice memorabilia token.  Just ask us.


Please feel free to browse all the pages in our above website.  Sign the guest book.  Get on the email and contact list.  Get involved!  A big thank you to all of you that have donated your family stories, photos or just dropped by our SIHS website to say hello. J


Many thanks 


If you have any information on any of the above or want to locate someone by using a query posted to this page, please contact Sea Island Heritage Society through this website with details. 


Don’t forget to review the various postings from others on the guest book page. – someone may be looking for you!


THANKS, too, to those that have helped reunite former friends and/or have helped solve some of the above mysteries. J


P.S.  If you have changed your address and/or email address, we’d appreciate receiving the change as we don’t want to lose touch with you!



Doug Eastman

Pres. Sea Island Heritage Society

(Nanaimo BC 250-756-1762) dougeastman@shaw.ca

Website: http://www.seaislandhome.org


On behalf of the 2007 Executive:

Don Phillips, V.P. (donphillips2@shaw.ca) (604) 589-3611

Eunice Robinson, Sec. (eunice@dccnet.com) (604) 596-2811

Sharon Bordeleau, Tres. (sbordel@smartt.com) (604) 278-4359

Grant Thompson, Director (tugger@telus.net) (604) 241-7977

Colleen Brooks, Director  colbrooks@shaw.ca