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Eburne Area and Eburne Island

William (Harry) Eburne (1855-1924) arrived on Sea Island in British Columbia, in February 1875 and purchased Eburne Island in 1878. He opened a general store on Sea Island which became the North Arm Post Office in 1885. Eburne was a well-known businessman and chicken farmer and his name was given to the business district that emerged in the area now known as Marpole (Vancouver).(1)

The Eburne area originally consisted of land on Sea Island, the North Arm of the Fraser River and Eburne Island. When the area of Eburne on the North Arm was renamed Marpole in 1916, the use of the name for the Richmond lands gradually disappeared.(2)

Bridges and Tugboats

The Eburne area was located on the northeast corner of Sea Island, along the North Arm of the Fraser River and close to the Marpole and Eburne bridges. It was, and still is common to see tugboats on the river.

boat on river with bridge in background

Marpole Bridge in 1955 - Jack Phillips Collection

ice in water and bridge in background

Eburne Bridge to Bridgeport around 1958 - Jack Phillips Collection

tugboat in ice with bridge in background

South end of Marpole Bridge around 1958 - Jack Phillips Collection

tugboat pulling a barge on Fraser River

Tugboat pulling barge under Marpole Bridge

tugboat in ice

Tugboat in ice on North Arm of Fraser around 1958

3 boats at a dock on the river

North Fraser Harbour patrol boats in 1969 - Irene Eastman Collection

Residents and Businesses of Eburne

The photograph of the Eburne area below was retrieved from the City of Richmond Archives(3), and with your assistance the Sea Island Heritage Society is trying to identify individuals who lived in the Eburne area or owned a business.

bridges over river and list of numbers

Eburne 1954 - Photo courtesy of City of Richmond Archives

  1. Marpole Bridge
  2. Eburne Bridge
  3. Eburne Sawmill (Rayonier/Canfor) in Marpole, Vancouver
  4. House (residential apartments) - Address and names needed (former location of Blacksmith shop)
  5. House (residential apartments) - Address and names needed
  6. House (residential apartments) - Address and names needed
  7. R.M. Grauer's Store
  8. Eburne Post Office or Newspaper Office
  9. Newspaper Office or Eburne Post Office
  10. Boat tie-up
  11. Eleven to 15 were single family houses - Addresses and names needed (11 likely 256 Airport Road, destroyed by fire in 1965, killing two children
  12. Eleven to 15 were single family houses - Addresses and names needed
  13. Eleven to 15 were single family houses - Addresses and names needed
  14. Eleven to 15 were single family houses - Addresses and names needed
  15. Eleven to 15 were single family houses - Addresses and names needed
  16. Bridge Tender House
  17. Home Gas Station and General Repairs
  18. Gus Grauer home
  19. Marine Fuel Station and dock
  20. Chevron Bulk Plant

Residents of Airport Road

Sea Island Heritage Society continues to try to identify all residents of Airport Road in Eburne, and would appreciate your help or reference to individuals who can assist. Click any of the links below to view the list of residents and addresses compiled over the years.

200 - Richmond Tug Boat Co. Ltd., Peters
222 - LeBreton
2200 Lavender
224 - Bayes, Mayer, Mayes, Peterse, Scott, Peterson
224 Ste 1 - Mayer, Anton (checker) and Mrs. Augusta Mayer
224 Ste 2 - PETERSEN, John (labourer) and Mrs. John Petersen, McLeish, Peat, Wilson, Kayall
2240 - Parker, Peat
226 - Jordan
230 - Grauer's Store, Scott, Steeves
232 - Dent, May, George, Frame, Jefferies, Cameron, R M Grauer Stores, Heilman, Mahy, McArthur, Walt, Martens, Billy, Smalley, Pearse
232 Ste 1 - Parker, Fraser, Gilmore
232 Ste 2 - PEARSE, Ron (deckhand), Mitchell
232 Ste 3 - WOLANSKI, Ernie (carpenter) and Mrs. Eleanor Wolanski, Whitfield, Howard
232 Ste 4 - SLATER, John McIntosh (welder) and Mrs. Margaret Slater, DAY, Mrs. Dianne, Cote, Dubois, Billy, Anderson
2320 Ste 4 - Colsulich, Glushka
233 - Eburne Service Station
236 - Allen, Wallace, Larson, Rober, Wong
236 Ste 1 - Cranmer
236 Ste 2 - Dean, Precious, Stanley
236 Ste 3 - McARTHUR, Duncan (CPR worker) and Mrs. Mary McAuthur
2360 - Cranmer, Precious
244 - McGinness, Hajes, Hansen, Dunnan, Hussakkers, Bonneau, Ryvers, Senechal, Howe
244 Ste 2 - McARTHUR, Bert (CPR worker) and Mrs. Margaret McArthur
244 Ste 4 - BONNEAU, Louis (salvage worker), BOWLBY, Taylor (millworker), Cranmer, Precious
250 - Vinnidge
256 - Child, Smalley, Duncan, Rodgers, Day
278 - Ammann (Ammenn), Wiens
280 - Richmond Tug Boat Co. Ltd, Scholtens, Rolke, Fransen, Robinson, Dutton
2800 - Brincker, Cameron, Fairweather, McLean, McMillan, Pattison, Robinson, Scott, White, Hastings, Eagle, Fraefel, Jepson
282 - Jordan
284 - Vanlderstine, Coltman
2840 - Cosulich, David
286 - United Dredge and Derrick Ltd., Hodder Tugboat Co. Ltd.
2860 - Broadribb, Davies, Hughs, McKay, Richardson, Renaud, Rogalsky, Trotter, Whipple
300 - Scott


(1) (2)  City of Richmond Archives, 1985 157 1 . Retrieved from City of Richmond Archives on November 19, 2017.

(3)  City of Richmond Archives, 1954, Richmond, item no. 1977 1 108, Eburne Area [digital image].

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